Monday, March 3, 2014


Hola a todos!!!

MIRACLE WEEK!!! This week was awesome! So remember how I said last week that we had a goal to teach 40 lessons this week? Did i tell you last week that I was super apprehensive at first about that goal? Well...we got 42 lessons this wekk!! Man and do miracles happen when you work hard. Teresa, Natalie, Antonia, and a new investigator Henry all came to church this week!!! We had 4 investigators at church and we now have 4 baptismal dates! It was crazy. Antonia is going to be baptized on March 15th!! I am really excited, this week we plan to get 40 lessons again and we plan to get more and more baptismal dates. Oh and Benito is going to get baptized too!!!! Remember him? Yeah, we passed him off to the elders and he should be getting baptized this next week! I am super excited about that. Antonia is doing pretty well, she is a lot more set on her baptismal date this time than she was last time. Teresa and Natalie came to church!!!! I just had to say that again because we have been waiting for that for like 6 months...Thanks for all the prayers!

I went on exchanges with a sister in the mission and we didnt' have a car. So we walked for 3 hours straight! It was crazy cause I felt like an actual missionary, or at least what i thought a missionary would be like on a mission before I became one. But then I came to Irvine, California and realized that I would never, ever walk on my mission. Haha, it was very refreshing though.

Here is a little taste of Spanish work: (written by my companion)

We went to have dinner at a member’s house and she was telling and showing us all the ants that have now infested her kitchen. There were tons on the oven overhang right above the pot of food we ate out of. I won’t scar you with the terrible details, but I’m pretty sure I had unplanned added protein (the ants) in my food that meal. Good thing my body always needs more protein! In another members house (we were thankfully not eating at the time) she has a cat that has fleas. Also it loves to be on the dinner table that we were all sitting around. We would put it on the ground and it’d just jump right back up. It kept running back and forth on the table and randomly twitching. It kind of looked like it was dancing and there were a few times we thought it was going to attack us, but it was just twitching again. Each time it twitched and jumped back on the table fleas (probably 5-10 or even more!) and huge spit droplets would fling off it and onto us! This might sound a little exaggerated but my companions can testify that this is literally what happened. I feel really bad for the cat, but man oh man by the end of the lesson I was itching everywhere from seeing the fleas, and a little wet from the spit. At one point it jumped at Hemana Bullough she yelled and jumped back. But the cat was just twitching and it drooled all over her! We get to eat with this sweet lady at the end of the month and we’re all hoping by that point the cat will have been de-flead.....yup that happened. It was disgusting.

Anyways I love you all!
Hermana Johnson

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