Monday, March 17, 2014



..........ANTONIA SE BAUTIZO!!!!! Wahoo!! It was a very good baptism. The spirit was strong and she really has changed and has a glow about her. She is already beginning to be a missionary and is reaching out to one of her friends who is struggling! She has been trying to get her to go to church for a while now. So exciting! Also we found out this week that Benito is going to be baptized for sure next Sunday at 6!!! That is super duper crazy cause he keeps disappearing before his baptismal date, but he is finally solid and he has changed as well!

You will never believe what happened. So I am sitting at MLC, a meeting for all the leaders in the mission, and we are spending some time discussing how we can improve our mission. As I am sitting in deep thought, the door in front of me opens and in pops a head full of red, curly hair. All of a sudden I see someone jumping up and down in soccer shorts and waving at me. AUTUMN AND KISER WERE IN IRVINE!!!!!!!!!! What?! I didn't even know they were coming to California, let alone, how did they find me?! That was one of the only days in the whole transfer that I would have been in Irvine at the mission office, and they happened to show up right when our meeting was ending. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw them, I really wish someone was videotaping it! I couldn't even focus the rest of the meeting! So after the meeting ended I went to go find them and as I was walking outside, I hear someone yell my name. Hermana Garner was in California too! (although I knew she was there) Then she parked and Tabby, my recent convert from the YSA Ward, starts sprinting towards me. So I am searching for Autumn, then Hna Garner and Tabby start running towards me, and then all of a sudden Sister Drinkwater spots Autumn and I start running towards her. It was crazy, it could have been put in a movie and erred in theaters. But yeah, then I got to talk to all of them all at the same time for about 30 minutes! It was soooo fun! I honestly think God wanted us to run into to eachother because that was way too coincidental.

This week the sisters in the choir sang at a Women's Conference in Newport where Sister Bonnie Parkins spoke to us. It was AMAZING!!! When we sang the spirit was sooo strong and I could feel the power of our callings pouring through us, and then after as we listened to Bonnie Parkins speak, the spirit was even stronger and stronger. in this meeting I received a strong desire to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way. To be the person that he would have me be. I understood the importance of my calling and I can see all those that are dwindling in unbelief and I feel even deeper than I have before on my mission the importance of preaching the gospel to those who will receive it. I love my calling, and I hope to never stop preaching the gospel to those around me. I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers! Andre, I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!! You are going to be soo awesome!! This is the best calling in the world.

Hermana Johnson 

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