Monday, March 10, 2014



Como estan todos?!
2 awesome things happened this week. First of all, Antonia is getting baptized on Saturday for sure!! She had her baptismal interview yesterday and passed!!! It has been so cool to see her change so quickly. Last time we were teaching her it was almost like pulling teeth, but this time she really wants to change and she wants to be that example for her family, for her kids. So she even is fine with giving up coffee!!! That was a problem last time...The lord truely works miracles though.

A couple days ago we were walking over to this place where we always are and we ran into a girl named Iris. We start talking to her and she asked us where we went to church. Then she goes on to tell us that she was talking to one of her friends at school and they happened to start talking about church stuff. She asked him if he had ever received an answer to a prayer and he said, well yeah actually this week me and my friend had been praying that we would be able to talk to one of our friends about Jesus and here we are! (so we still don't know if this friend of hers is mormon, but that sounds pretty mormon to me, haha) She thought that was the coolest thing ever. He invited her to church and she was super duper excited to go. (she should have gone yesterday) And then she was like, and right now actually I was just getting home from work and walking to my house, but for some reason I stopped for like 10 seconds or so cause I couldn't remember if I locked my car or not and I finally decided to turn around and check. If I hadn't of done that, I would have never run into you guys! Then she went on to explain that she wanted a change in her life, she just felt like everytime she went into her house she was exhausted and had no energy cause there is no happiness there, so we testified that what we teach would give her that peace. Then we asked her where she lived. Come to find out that we have already contacted her dad and he was super interested, and I have already taught her mom 3 times and she was super interested but for some reason there was something holding her back. It was crazy!! The Lord is trying to tell us that their family needs us or something!! We have a lesson with her tonight at 6, pray that the spirit will be soooo strong!! We are really excited about it!

Funny story. So a couple nights ago I was on exchanges and I wasn't in my area, so when we exchanged back, the sister that was with my companions told me that our bishop had called and asked me to give a talk in the baptism the next day (the Elders had a baptism). I was like ok yeah I can do that, that's a little weird that the bishop would ask me that, but cool I can do that. So the next day I was in church and I had been asked to fill in for the pianist for sacrament meeting. So as I was finishing playing prelude and the bishop got up to start the meeting and glanced down at the program. There I saw....Dirscursante, de la Hermana Johnson....wuf. I looked up at Hna Whipple and Johnson, the other Hermanas in the ward with my mouth dropped and they were just laughing at me! We had missunderstood and I had to give a talk in church!!! So I spent the time of the sacrament preparing a talk on the Atonement and gave it about 5 minutes later. Haha, the joys of being a missionary! It reminded me of the very first time was supposed to give a talk as a 12 year old and I had forgotten. At least this time I didn't have to walk up to the bishop in front of everyone and tell him that I had forgotten about it. :) Anyways, I love you all! I miss you, and I hope you have a great week!!

Con amor,
La Hermana Johnson 

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