Monday, December 30, 2013



Como estan?! It was soooo awesome to talk to everyone this last week! It felt like I was home as soon as I started talking, but then when I hung up it just felt like a dream...that part wasn't quite as cool. But it was so good to meet all the new folk in the family!! Everyone looks so good and I miss you all!

So you know how Satan always tries to take something good and make it into something bad? Haha, well he seems to always be able to do that on P-days! Haha, last night we were trying to listen to some voicemails and all of a sudden our phone just turned off...all the way off!! And we couldn't turn it off! I don't know how many of you have tried to be missionaries in this day and age without a phone, but it is pretty hard. So through using other people's phones we were finally able to get a hold of some missionaries who told us we should just go to the mission office the next day (today) and bring them the phone so they could get us a new one. So we did that. But as we got it our car to leave, our car wouldn't start! HAHA!! We tried it a bunch of times and finally got it to start, so then we were off to the mission office. So we get there and we call the phone people and apparantly they just changed the whole system of how everything works, so we had to figure that out and it took, guess how long.....yup, 3 1/2 hours!! Oh, man it was super funny. We actually had a great time, it just took up our whole P-day, but what do you expect! Oh and we are going in tomorrow to check up on our car, haha it was such a funny day.

Oh one story that I forgot to tell you on Christmas. I ATE A BUG!!!! A real life leaf bug, taken straight from Mexico. Aparantly people eat them there all the time, they sell them like they sell candy just in little bags. SO GROSS!! So Hna Bullough dared me to eat one a couple weeks ago and I said I would if she would. So we spent like 20 minutes trying to prepare ourselves to eat this bug, it was hilarious! We actually have the whole thing on camara, its probably too big to send though so you'll have to see it when I get home. Anyways, so yesterday we are back at that same families house and she tells us that she made a new salsa and she wanted to know if we liked it. So we are eating and enjoying ourselves, and then we started talking about how we ate those bugs. She just starts laughing histarically and tells us that we are eating them again and that they were in the salsa!! I lost my appetite. I smelled the salsa and it smelled sooooo gross! It was super funny though.

Anyways, sorry I didn't have much time. The missionary work is still going super well here. I absolutely love the members and this area! Benito is progressing a ton but is having a hard time coming to church so pray for that to happen!! I love you all! Feliz ano nuevo!!

Hermana Johnson

Monday, December 23, 2013



I can't believe its almost Christmas, this is crazy!! This past week was super fun. We had an awesome Christmas party in our ward, we had a super good final Christmas concert thingy for choir, we had a mission christmas party with all the missionaries in the mission, and we almost got attacked by cayotes!! It was a very full week!! Haha, maybe I'll tell you the cayote story when I talk to you in 2 days. But it was a very full week and we still taught 23 lessons. Oh yeah, we also went on 2 exchanges this week. Sheesh. But some great things happened! First, I'll start with the bad news....Antonia did not get baptized this week. BUT, I actually think it was what needed to happen. She isn't ready, and doesn't really understand what she is doing at this point. Her husbands family came into town (all of them are against her getting baptized) and so she didn't want to do it while they were here. But we had a very spiritual lesson with her and I feel like if she will let us meet with her more often then we will be able to help her be ready to be baptized in January.

But the good news! I don't remember if I ever told you about Glen. He is a referral that is soooo awesome! He wants to get baptized!! He reads everytime we teach him and he asked us to help him apply for a new job so that he can come to church on Sundays. SOOOO awesome! So pray for him that he will be able to find that. Benito is doing well, he came to our Christmas party and he really liked it so that was awesome.
We also found this other family. Christian, and his familly....that's embarrasing I can't remember the rest of the names....but they are sweet! They invited us over to eat with them tomorrow night for Christmas eve so that will be way fun! He has a lot of really good questions. He is Catholic, but not practicing, believes in God but just doesn't understand things super well. And is 8 year old daughter is full of questions as well. We are super excited to start teaching them.

Anyways, all of the parties were super fun! You should be getting a recording of some of the stuff that our choir has done, it won't be as good as being there in person, but it is still pretty cool. :)

I love you all and I hope that you have a suuuuuper amazing Christmas and I will talk to you in a couple days!!

Hermana johnson

Monday, December 16, 2013

The spirit of Music

This week was yet another crazy one. We were sooooooo busy, trying to balance 2 wards and choir. But there were a couple really amazing highlights! First of all, Antonia's baptism got moved to the 22nd, this Sunday. Please pray for her!!!!!! She has committed to stop drinking coffee but it will be something hard for her because she has grown up with it her whole life. We weren't able to see Benito this week, which was really sad and we are a little worried about him. So prayers for him would be awesome as well.

This week was had the awesome opportunity to participate in some really awesome things for choir. Yesterday in the morning I got to go and sing in an octet up in Newport for a Sacrament meeting and it went really well. Then the whole choir went and sang in the YSA San Clemente Singles old ward!!!!!!!! I was sooooo excited you have no idea. Shannon was there, Hermana Garner was there (she just happens to be visiting right now), Nick was there and he gave an amazing talk, Tabby was there (she is going on a mission!!!), Missy, BreAnn, Steve Hazy, you guys don't even know who most of these people are but I almost cried I was so excited. And the spirit was SOOOOOO strong there! People were in tears, it was probably one of the times I have felt the spirit the stongest on my mission. Then that night we had the opportunity to sing in an interfaith Christmas concert. It was also amazing. There was a TON of people there, it was at one of our Stake Centers and it is was completely full to the back. It was cool cause we did a flash mob. We had one person sitting in crowd all of a sudden stand up and start singing Joy to the World and then more people joined him, and then our whole choir, 80 people, started pouring in from all the doors and we all lined up in the front and finished singing the song, it was super cool. We shook the whole building, again there were people in tears. Afterwards everyone came up to us and told us that we touched them so powerfully, that we were a defining point in their life, that they have never in their life heard something so moveing as to hear 80 missionaries sing with the power of God, and they said that we were way better than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir....sorry mom :) But seriously, yesterday was possibly one of the best memories of my mission so far. Oh and Tino came as well, that was really cool.

Oh, speaking of Tino....we dropped him. :( I have full faith that he will get baptized one day. He still came to church and that choir thing, and we will still be in contact with him. But we felt very strongly that as long as we kept teaching him, we were holding him back from receiving his answer. It was really sad though, I thought he was going to cry. We have been teaching him since my companion Hermana Johnson started her 5 months ago. So it was time.

Anyways, I love you all! I can't believe it is almost Christmas, this has been the fastest 9 months of my life!

Pray for Antonia, and I will be praying for all of you, I love you! Les quiero!
Hermana Johnson

Monday, December 9, 2013

Caroling, Caroling


This week was full of events for Choir and we have a whole bunch coming up throughout the rest of December. It has been a really cool experience to be a part of it during the Christmas season because we have been able to bring the spirit really strongly and a couple people have been able to pick up investigators from it even! We sang during sacrament meeting yesterday and the spirit was soooo strong, I loved it.

So we had some awesome lessons with Benito this week!! We moved his baptismal date to December 28th so everyone pray that he will be able to make it! He is doing really well, he likes meeting with us, he just needs to receive an answer that he can recognize that this is the true church. Also Antonia is set to get baptized next Sunday, but she has been reeeeally hard to find at home and to teach so we haven't been able to teach her all the lessons or make sure she is prepared or anything. But she comes to church every week still, so pray for her too!!

This week we also found Juan Carlos again. He is a less-active that we found in a Window a long time ago but then lost contact with afterwards because he couldn't pay his phone bill. But we found him and he has been struggling a ton and has a super hard life. He has strong desires to come back to church though, so we just need to help him be able to get work off so that he can come to church next week!

I wish I had more time to talk, but time was short today! I just want to let you all know how much I love this gospel and how much I have seen the blessings of it in my life. I LOVE my companions and I love being out here on a mission. I am learning a ton about myself and about who I want to be and the steps that I need to take to get there. I challenge each of you to ask God who he knows who will become and what you need to do right now to start the process of becoming that person. I have a testimony of this gospel, of God's love for me, and for the joy that comes through endless service and positive thoughts and actions towards others. I hope that everyone has a great week and is enjoying this Christmas season as much as I am! (We've gone caroling like 3 times already...way fun!)

Les quiero y que Dios les bendiga!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Johnson

Monday, December 2, 2013



This week was great!! We got a kid, and she is AMAZING!!! Her name is Hermana (Sara) Bullough and you'll never guess where she lives.....yeah, OREM, UT!!!! She lives right off of 2000 and grew up in Justin's ward. Crazy. Justin, you know her!! So it has been crazy because we have so many connections from people that we know and even our personality and stuff. Actually she really reminds me of Michelle. But yeah, it has been super fun. She was the perfect personality and person to come into our companionship, we all get along really well.

Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving was fun, we went over to our Peruvian member's house and ate there. I was really excited to have a Peruvian Thanksgiving, except when I got there I realized that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and that it is the time for all the hispanics to eat American food. So with a couple small exceptions we had a normal Thanksgiving dinner, haha :) It's ok though because I like Thanksgiving dinner.
This week went by like a blur, I can't even think about what happened. I am really excited for this transfer, I think our companionship is going to work really hard. I told you that Antonia is getting baptized on December 15th right? WAHOO!!!! Please pray for her to make that date and that her family will be ok with it and everything!
I love you all, sorry for the short letter...we ran out of time today :)
Les quiero!!!
Hermana Johnson