Monday, December 16, 2013

The spirit of Music

This week was yet another crazy one. We were sooooooo busy, trying to balance 2 wards and choir. But there were a couple really amazing highlights! First of all, Antonia's baptism got moved to the 22nd, this Sunday. Please pray for her!!!!!! She has committed to stop drinking coffee but it will be something hard for her because she has grown up with it her whole life. We weren't able to see Benito this week, which was really sad and we are a little worried about him. So prayers for him would be awesome as well.

This week was had the awesome opportunity to participate in some really awesome things for choir. Yesterday in the morning I got to go and sing in an octet up in Newport for a Sacrament meeting and it went really well. Then the whole choir went and sang in the YSA San Clemente Singles old ward!!!!!!!! I was sooooo excited you have no idea. Shannon was there, Hermana Garner was there (she just happens to be visiting right now), Nick was there and he gave an amazing talk, Tabby was there (she is going on a mission!!!), Missy, BreAnn, Steve Hazy, you guys don't even know who most of these people are but I almost cried I was so excited. And the spirit was SOOOOOO strong there! People were in tears, it was probably one of the times I have felt the spirit the stongest on my mission. Then that night we had the opportunity to sing in an interfaith Christmas concert. It was also amazing. There was a TON of people there, it was at one of our Stake Centers and it is was completely full to the back. It was cool cause we did a flash mob. We had one person sitting in crowd all of a sudden stand up and start singing Joy to the World and then more people joined him, and then our whole choir, 80 people, started pouring in from all the doors and we all lined up in the front and finished singing the song, it was super cool. We shook the whole building, again there were people in tears. Afterwards everyone came up to us and told us that we touched them so powerfully, that we were a defining point in their life, that they have never in their life heard something so moveing as to hear 80 missionaries sing with the power of God, and they said that we were way better than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir....sorry mom :) But seriously, yesterday was possibly one of the best memories of my mission so far. Oh and Tino came as well, that was really cool.

Oh, speaking of Tino....we dropped him. :( I have full faith that he will get baptized one day. He still came to church and that choir thing, and we will still be in contact with him. But we felt very strongly that as long as we kept teaching him, we were holding him back from receiving his answer. It was really sad though, I thought he was going to cry. We have been teaching him since my companion Hermana Johnson started her 5 months ago. So it was time.

Anyways, I love you all! I can't believe it is almost Christmas, this has been the fastest 9 months of my life!

Pray for Antonia, and I will be praying for all of you, I love you! Les quiero!
Hermana Johnson

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