Monday, December 30, 2013



Como estan?! It was soooo awesome to talk to everyone this last week! It felt like I was home as soon as I started talking, but then when I hung up it just felt like a dream...that part wasn't quite as cool. But it was so good to meet all the new folk in the family!! Everyone looks so good and I miss you all!

So you know how Satan always tries to take something good and make it into something bad? Haha, well he seems to always be able to do that on P-days! Haha, last night we were trying to listen to some voicemails and all of a sudden our phone just turned off...all the way off!! And we couldn't turn it off! I don't know how many of you have tried to be missionaries in this day and age without a phone, but it is pretty hard. So through using other people's phones we were finally able to get a hold of some missionaries who told us we should just go to the mission office the next day (today) and bring them the phone so they could get us a new one. So we did that. But as we got it our car to leave, our car wouldn't start! HAHA!! We tried it a bunch of times and finally got it to start, so then we were off to the mission office. So we get there and we call the phone people and apparantly they just changed the whole system of how everything works, so we had to figure that out and it took, guess how long.....yup, 3 1/2 hours!! Oh, man it was super funny. We actually had a great time, it just took up our whole P-day, but what do you expect! Oh and we are going in tomorrow to check up on our car, haha it was such a funny day.

Oh one story that I forgot to tell you on Christmas. I ATE A BUG!!!! A real life leaf bug, taken straight from Mexico. Aparantly people eat them there all the time, they sell them like they sell candy just in little bags. SO GROSS!! So Hna Bullough dared me to eat one a couple weeks ago and I said I would if she would. So we spent like 20 minutes trying to prepare ourselves to eat this bug, it was hilarious! We actually have the whole thing on camara, its probably too big to send though so you'll have to see it when I get home. Anyways, so yesterday we are back at that same families house and she tells us that she made a new salsa and she wanted to know if we liked it. So we are eating and enjoying ourselves, and then we started talking about how we ate those bugs. She just starts laughing histarically and tells us that we are eating them again and that they were in the salsa!! I lost my appetite. I smelled the salsa and it smelled sooooo gross! It was super funny though.

Anyways, sorry I didn't have much time. The missionary work is still going super well here. I absolutely love the members and this area! Benito is progressing a ton but is having a hard time coming to church so pray for that to happen!! I love you all! Feliz ano nuevo!!

Hermana Johnson

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