Monday, December 2, 2013



This week was great!! We got a kid, and she is AMAZING!!! Her name is Hermana (Sara) Bullough and you'll never guess where she lives.....yeah, OREM, UT!!!! She lives right off of 2000 and grew up in Justin's ward. Crazy. Justin, you know her!! So it has been crazy because we have so many connections from people that we know and even our personality and stuff. Actually she really reminds me of Michelle. But yeah, it has been super fun. She was the perfect personality and person to come into our companionship, we all get along really well.

Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving was fun, we went over to our Peruvian member's house and ate there. I was really excited to have a Peruvian Thanksgiving, except when I got there I realized that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and that it is the time for all the hispanics to eat American food. So with a couple small exceptions we had a normal Thanksgiving dinner, haha :) It's ok though because I like Thanksgiving dinner.
This week went by like a blur, I can't even think about what happened. I am really excited for this transfer, I think our companionship is going to work really hard. I told you that Antonia is getting baptized on December 15th right? WAHOO!!!! Please pray for her to make that date and that her family will be ok with it and everything!
I love you all, sorry for the short letter...we ran out of time today :)
Les quiero!!!
Hermana Johnson

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