Monday, December 23, 2013



I can't believe its almost Christmas, this is crazy!! This past week was super fun. We had an awesome Christmas party in our ward, we had a super good final Christmas concert thingy for choir, we had a mission christmas party with all the missionaries in the mission, and we almost got attacked by cayotes!! It was a very full week!! Haha, maybe I'll tell you the cayote story when I talk to you in 2 days. But it was a very full week and we still taught 23 lessons. Oh yeah, we also went on 2 exchanges this week. Sheesh. But some great things happened! First, I'll start with the bad news....Antonia did not get baptized this week. BUT, I actually think it was what needed to happen. She isn't ready, and doesn't really understand what she is doing at this point. Her husbands family came into town (all of them are against her getting baptized) and so she didn't want to do it while they were here. But we had a very spiritual lesson with her and I feel like if she will let us meet with her more often then we will be able to help her be ready to be baptized in January.

But the good news! I don't remember if I ever told you about Glen. He is a referral that is soooo awesome! He wants to get baptized!! He reads everytime we teach him and he asked us to help him apply for a new job so that he can come to church on Sundays. SOOOO awesome! So pray for him that he will be able to find that. Benito is doing well, he came to our Christmas party and he really liked it so that was awesome.
We also found this other family. Christian, and his familly....that's embarrasing I can't remember the rest of the names....but they are sweet! They invited us over to eat with them tomorrow night for Christmas eve so that will be way fun! He has a lot of really good questions. He is Catholic, but not practicing, believes in God but just doesn't understand things super well. And is 8 year old daughter is full of questions as well. We are super excited to start teaching them.

Anyways, all of the parties were super fun! You should be getting a recording of some of the stuff that our choir has done, it won't be as good as being there in person, but it is still pretty cool. :)

I love you all and I hope that you have a suuuuuper amazing Christmas and I will talk to you in a couple days!!

Hermana johnson

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