Monday, November 25, 2013


Man, so this week has been crazy, to say the least. Suuuuper good, not so good, and everything in between. Mostly really good though. So we had 2 amazing miracles this week! I think last week I talked about some miracles that happened when we received some member referrals. Well, both of them are super awesome! One of them, Benito, is really interested in learning about religion and his member friend is super awesome! He accepted the idea of getting baptized and that all of this might be true, so we are excited to see him progress. The other one, Antonia, has been an investigator of the elders. When we went over there we taught her the plan of salvation and when we invited her to be baptized it was just like yeah, when can we do it? So awesome!! I really like her a lot, she is super sweet. So we are really excited about these 2 investigators, pray for them to be able to reach their baptismal dates and have strength to get through the trials that they will have!

So transfers are tomorrow!!!! Transfers are always a stressful, but very exciting time, especially in the Irvine mission where we see all the other missionaries in the mission on a very regular basis. But we found out that neither of us are leaving!!!!!!!!! Such a huge relif, I thought I was gone and I was super sad. And we also found out that we are training!! I am suuuuuper excited! We are going to be in a trio again, way fun. :) We also found out yesterday that we are going to be taking on a new ward. There is an English ward in our area that is trying to do an outreach to their Hispanic less-actives that used to go the English ward. They are looking for help doing that and they also want to have sisters in their ward because there are a lot of single women who need support and people to go visit them, so...president has asked us to cover both wards. I am pretty excited about that too because I kind of miss having 2 wards. You ALWAYS have something to do, so its pretty fun.

Hermana Garner went home this week. :( But it was actually super fun, we honestly have the best mission president ever. Because she didn't go home on a transfer she was the only one going home that day. Usually all the people going home go to the mission home and have dinner, spend the night hanging out and then they all go to the airport the next morning. But because there was no one else to do that with, president said that she could invite people. So she invited me and Sister Drinkwater (her companion after me) and we had a sleepover at the mission home. It was sooooo fun!! He even let us take her to the airport the next morning with him, before we went back home. It was sad though because I will really miss her.

Anyways, a ton of changes coming up for the next week! I'm pretty excited. I love this work, I love being a spanish missionary, I love being in the ward I am in, I have made some really close friendships and I will be really sad when the day comes that I have to leave....good thing that isn't for a while :) I love you all, I miss you a ton, and I hope everyone has a super good Thanksgiving holiday!!!

Hermana Johnson

p.s. FELICITACIONES MAMA!!!!!!!! Estoy muy emocionada y orgullosa de ti !! Caleb sabia que iba a lograrlo!! (make it)

So I actually just remembered 3 more things...

1. On saturday we had a very successful ward thanksgiving party. It was sooo fun! I have a ton of pictures and videos :) As missionaries we put on a play about Alma the younger and how he changed his life, and then we related it to being grateful and missionary work. Everyone LOVED it and there was a ton of non-members there. And then afterward there was a live hispanic band that came and DJed while we ate dinner and afterwards danced. Oh man, it was soooo hard for me not to dance and just be in the middle of the party. :)

2. So we have a mission choir. And it is going reeeally well. We have a lot of performances in the coming weeks because everyone is starting to hear about us and it is Christmas time. But we went to a Methodist church yesterday and sang for a multiple faith thingy and it was awesome! There was a ton of non-members there, obviously, and they were all saying that we sounded like the Tab Choir! Then afterward there was at least one person teaching someone about the first vision and they exchanged contact info and everything. It was soooo fun!

3. We have a mission website page and facebook page! It is and On these I think there are pictures and other cool info and stuff about the things that go down here in Irvine California :)

Love you all a ton!

Me and Hermana Johnson with Hermana Mosquiera, one of my favorite members. She is from Peru and I think I am going to move there one day and live with her.

The other best member, Hermana Marquina and her daughter Diana

Andrea, the best recent convert. She is sooo adorable and we see her a lot

All of the hermanas in our district. We got super close and so we got a bunch of pictures right before transfers.


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