Monday, November 4, 2013



Ok so the coolest thing of my entire mission happened this week. On Thursday we were helping Luz move (So sad!!!) and while we were waiting for her to arrive we were kind of standing in the middle of the street when a truck stopped in the middle of the road. He waved us over and said, "Son misioneros?" I said yes, and he said, "Tienen folletos o una tarjeta o algo asi?" (Do you have a pamplet or card or something like that?) I said yes, and started to give him a pamphlet. He had been driving around for a while so I asked him if he was looking for something and he said that he just wanted to hear more about God. So we got his contact information and then he drove away. It was crazy, we were like, What the heck just happened?! So then we help Luz move and we go home and start weekly planning (this was on Friday). As we are planning we decided to call him, his name is Augustine. We called him and he asked us if we could meet with him in an hour. So we rearranged some of the stuff that we already had and we set up an appointment to meet with him at 4. We met at the Library, and there is this spot that is really peaceful that has waterfalls and a lot of greenery and no one is over there, so we decided to meet there. When we got there, he started telling us that he didn't really know why he was there, that he just felt like he needed to talk to us this morning and that he decided he should listen to what we had to say. He said he needed more peace in his life, that he has a super crazy job and he is just looking for peace. So from the very beginning we were already super excited, like that's what we do!! So we started teaching him the restoration. It was the best lesson we have ever taught, the spirit was so strong, the words were just coming to my mouth, Hermana Johnson talked a ton and sometimes she has a hard time talking a ton in spanish, it was just really good. So then we get to the part where we were sharing the first vision and afterwards we asked him how he felt about it. He said that he couldn't see the light like Joseph Smith could, but that he kind of could. He held up the picture in the pamphlet of Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus Christ and then he looked at the setting that we were in, and it was really similar. He went on to say that he could feel something and that he just felt really special and everything. It was CRAZY, the spirit was super strong. So then we kept teaching him and we invited him to be baptized. He was like, well what does that mean? Do I have to take lessons with you guys? Do I have to come to your church? What do I have to do after baptism? And tons of other questions like that. We started laughing and we were like, Slow down! We explained that we would help him be ready for it and that we would do more lessons, he would come to church and stuff like that. Then we finished the lesson and taught him about the Book of Mormon. Afterwards we asked him if he would say the final prayer and if he would ask specifically if the Book of Mormon was true and if this was the right thing for him. Ok, we usually ask people to do that, and they NEVER do it! I don't know if they don't understand us or what, but he did it! Word for word, is the book of mormon (Libro de Mormon :D) true? It was soo cool! After the prayer he looked at me and was like, "Peyiscame" (pinch me) Then he was like, "Ok, this is real." He said that as soon as he started praying he felt like all the tension that he had, all the discomfort, went away and and he was filled with a ton of peace. That he went into another world kind of where everything was perfect. He just kept saying how amazing he felt and all this stuff. Then after a while he was like, "I don't know anything about this book, about what you guys do, what you will teach me or anything. But I feel it." Then he stood up and said, "This is book is true," as he held it in the air. IT WAS CRAZY!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I don't think I have ever been so happy in my entire life. I didn't want to leave, he just looked so happy. We haven't been able to meet with him again yet, because he works a lot, but we should meet with him tomorrow and we have been keeping in contact with him and stuff. MILAGRO!! It was the best day ever.
So yeah, besides that super awesome story, not a ton of other stuff happened this week. Oh yeah, it was Halloween! That was fun, we got to go home at 7 and we watched some church movies. They were kind of lame...but hey! We got to watch a movie! Sorry, I don't have much more time to write and I can't think of much else that happened.....oh wait. Yeah, guess what I did. Dropped the phone in the toilet! Dead serious, haha! It was hilarious, except for not really at the same time because now our phone is having some serious issues and it didn't work for a good couple hours....
Pues, no tengo mas tiempo. Les quiero muchisimo y espero que todo este bien alli! Estoy case en la mitad de mi mision! Ah! No lo puedo creer.
Con amor,
Hermana Johnson

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