Monday, October 28, 2013

Call Home!!!!!

Hola Familia!!

Funny story, so recently we had some roommates move into our apartment with us. But when this happened they only gave us 1 parking space and not 2. So we have to drive around and try to find an open space to park our car. Well we drove around forever last night and couldn't find anything. So we decided that we would park in our old parking space (cause we had just moved). We figured that no one would have moved in yet cause we just barely moved, and we went up to the apartment and there was no furniture in there or anything. So we decided to park there....yeah, bad idea. This morning we got up to exercise and we went over to where we parked our car, and a different car was in the spot! Haha, so now we have to go all the way down to Laguna Beach (it really isn't that far away) and pick up our car. But because of all of this, the mission office let us call our parents to make sure we had enough money and everything to pay for the towing expense! It was AWESOME!!!! Hermana Johnson almost started crying when President gave us the permission, haha. It was really good to talk to mom to see how everything was going, we really couldn't talk for that long but it was still fun.
Other things that happened this week. Oh yeah, we got roommates! I already said that, but it has been super fun. Except it does make it a little harder to do things like write in your journal and get anything else done at night or in the morning cause we always end up talking.

Luz is leaving this week :( We are really sad. I can't believe that she is leaving. We had a lesson with her a couple nights ago and we were all pretty much in tears because we are going to miss her. Hopefully she will get baptized in San Juan. PRAY FOR HER!!!!!! I love her so much, and I know the thing that will help her in her life is this church.
As for other things in the week, I don't really have that much more time to write, but there wasn't a ton that happened I don't feel like. We are doing good at getting a lot of lessons every week, we are pretty much always teaching, but we aren't super good at helping people progress towards baptism. So that is our goal this week, to help our investigators progress and to get new ones that will.

Les quiero bastante! Y espero que todos tengan una buena semana!
Con muchisimo amor,
Hermana Johnson
p.s. Congratulations Mike and Lindy!!!!!!!! That is sooo exciting!

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