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Como estan todos?!

It feels like it has been forever since I have written! This week our p-day got switched to Wednesday cause we got to go the the temple today! It was awesome! And last week my email didn't work so I didn't get to email last week either! So it feels great to sit down at the computer today :)

So there have been a demasiado amount of things that have happened in the past 2 weeks and there is no way I will have time for all of them. But the most important is the Kimberly got baptized!!!!!! It was super good. After a whole bunch of changing around the dates because of meetings and relief society general conference stuff, and all sorts of stuff, we finally got it to work out for Sunday night. But because of general conference she won't be able to be confirmed for 2 weeks, so she is still technically our investigator :) But she was so cute. Her whole family got all dressed up in white and everything.
Oh but obviously, the day before I get a call the bishop and he asked me to give a talk on the same Sunday as the baptism! I think I have spoken in church on the same day that my converts have gotten baptized every time but once! Haha, that was my 4th talk and I have only been out 7 months!

Tino- So we did this awesome thing called Noche Con los Misioneros and Tino came to it. We pretty much put on a play of the first lesson about the restoration. It was awesome, everyone loved it! He loved it and has really started progressing since then. Oh, funny story. So we went over to help him move to a different apartment, and we got there and our blonds selves didn't realize that we wouldn't be able to go in his house cause there aren't any girls there. So after searching for another girl to come help us, we resolved to have him bring us stuff outside and then we packed it in boxes. We felt like this was working out great, but then all of a sudden he started calling random people. We didn't know what he was doing until he told us that he had some girls coming on their way to help us. So we were like, hey sweet. All of a sudden, 2 girls show up in skirts, 1 of them had a baby in a stroller, and they were definitely Jehovah Witnesses out doing their preaching as well. It was sooo funny!!! They showed up but they had no idea what was going on, he just asked them to come over to the house but didn't tell them that they would be helping to to move, haha! So both of us are just standing there kind of awkwardly and Tino was like, Ok, these are my Jehovah witness friends, and these are my mormon friends, ok lets go. And then he just walked inside the house. HAHA!! It was sooo funny. We explained what had happened to them and they were super nice and it wasn't awkward at all, just super funny.
Luz- So Luz is doing pretty well also. There is a chance she might be moving soon so we are trying to help her want to get baptized before that :) She was reading the Book of Mormon a lot until she got to the stinking Isaiah chapters and now she is having a super hard time understanding them and so she isn't as excited to read. Stupid Isaiah chapters! But she has really started progressing again as well.

Miracle! We got a referral from the English elders for this girl named Sully. We got it a while ago, but we haven't been able to meet up with her until like 2 days ago. She is awesome! She has a crazy story, but she really has a lot of real intent. She also came to our English class that she teach and she really liked that, so I think that she has a ton of potential! Its exciting cause we are running low on investigators and need some help building up the pool again.
Well, I love you all and I hope everything is going well!! Me encanta estar aqui en mi mision, me encanta el idioma de espanol y me encanta la cultura hispana tambien. Les extrano, y espero que todo este bien! Les quiero!!

Hermana Johnson

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