Monday, September 16, 2013

Weird Week


This week was a weird week. One of those where it seems like everything is falling through but then in the end it turns out to be a really good week. Probably the biggest thing that happened this week is with Kimberly and her family. She is going to get baptized on September 28th for sure!! It was going to be on the 21st, but we realized that was this Saturday and nothing was ready, and we haven't taught her everything and no one knew about it, so we decided to push it back a week. Last night we went over to her house and did a Noche de Hogar with her whole family. It was good cause we haven't been able to really get to know her parents cause they are always working every time we go over there. But last night was amazing! We played some really fun games and just showed them how to have fun and learn about the gospel at the same time. The mom, Sara, was really appreciative and started crying as she explained to us why she wanted to come back to church and that she wanted her children to grow up well, not like she did. It was really good. This family was a miracle family, just placed in our laps. So amazing! I am really excited because we are going to go over there every Sunday night to do a Noche de Hogar so I feel like we will grow a really strong relationship with them.

There was also a wedding this week for a couple that is going to get baptized this Tuesday, the other sister's baptism. I love the Spanish culture. When there is a party, everyone comes. They loooove to party. It brings such a sweet spirit of unity and love, I love it.

Honestly not much else happened this week that was out of the normal. We are working on finding new investigators because we have a couple really strong ones...but no others, haha. So we are working on that.

Sorry for the short email today, but I love you all!!! Que tenga buena semana!
Hermana Johnson 

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