Monday, February 24, 2014

Cool things!!

ALOHA!!!....that is how we start every meeting here in Irvine California. I guess that's what happens when your President was the president of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii for 16 years. :)

This week was awesome! I don't know if I mentioned anything about the Evening of Music in any of my other letters, but it was this past Saturday, the 22nd. It was sooooo cool!! Pretty much one of the Senior couples in the mission put together this concert for us so that we could invite all our investigators to come hear us sing, and so that members could invite their non-member friends and have them come to the church and feel of the spirit. It turned out really well, we weren't sure how many we were supposed to expect, but we ended up filled the entire stake center. There was about 700 people there! And at least a couple hundred of them were non-members. It was AWESOME!!! Afterwards we had an open house so that people could go check out the church building and everything too, I am not sure how that went cause after the concert I was talking to a whole bunch of people. But it was super cool because I felt so calm and confident conducting and the spirit was really, really powerful. Oh and they put the whole thing in the newspaper. So me and Elder Risk along with President Orgill got our picture taken and I had to speak about the choir in the paper too! Crazy. It was Elder Risk's final hurrah before he left for his house, in fact I think he is on the plane right now heading back home. I am really excited for the challenge to be the head and solo director right now. At times it is super overwhelming, but I have received many witnesses that this is my calling and that I will be successful at it as long as I use the Lord in every part of the calling. So let the journey begin. :)

Another cool thing that you remember Antonia? Yeah, she kind of fell of the radar, she was about to get baptized and then her family got in the way and she stopped talking to us. Well....she came to church yesterday!!!! We were soooooo excited!!! She wants us to come over tomorrow and teach her! I am super excited because we had a spiritual confirmation that we were going to baptize her so we haven't stopped praying for her, and it paid off!

Oh yeah, yesterday we also sang at St. Mary's Episcopalian Church! It was super cool, the preacher heard us at an Interfaith thing that we sang at and wanted us to go to her church to sing. Something really interesting happened that grew my testimony a lot. The church was gorgeous and the accoustacs were amazing, and the choir sang fairly well. But the spirit wasn't super strong like it usually is when we sing, it was strong, don't get me wrong, but it was just different. It was a testimony to me of the truthfulness of our church. It was just super cool to feel the difference between the night before, when the spirit was overpowering, and then that morning.

And one last thing.....I was called to be the sister training leader over the Spanish sisters in the mission! I am really excited about it. It means that I kind of fulfill the role of a Zone Leaders but only for the Spanish sisters. It is going to be super fun, I get to go on exchanges with all the spanish sisters...which is awesome cause I have been companions with all of them except for 2 :)

Anyways, I love you all and I hope you have a great week!! We have some awesome goals set this week to teach 40 lessons so pray suuuuuper duuuper hard that we will be able to reach that and find those that are searching for us to teach them the gospel!!

Con amor,
Hermana Johnson

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