Monday, February 10, 2014

El poder de los miembros

Hola a todos!!

So this week was super good. I definitely have the best companionship in the mission and it makes a huge difference in the everyday missionary life. This week we worked hard and had a ton of fun, I love it! At the beginning of this week we had a training on how to use members better in our finding and how to strengthen them as well. Our ward is mostly converts, like 95%, and a good part of them were baptized in the last 7 years, so that combined with a whole bunch of other stuff just means that our ward needs a lot of strengthening. SO i was thinking about what we could do and we decided that we were going to focus almost solely on the members in our ward. We dropped a lot of our investigators (except for our really good ones like Teresa) and gave some of them to other missionaries as well and we have been focusing on the members and less actives. It has been soooo awesome! It's crazy cause we still have a TON of work. And I am really excited to see how many referrals we are going to get from working through them instead of by our own finding means.
We have been meeting a lot with Sarai Cervantes lately. I don't know how much I have talked about her, but she is the mom of Kimberly, the girl who got baptized when I was first in this area. Sarai is sooo awesome! She really wants to go to the temple and we are helping her prepare for that. I am hoping that she will go through before I go home from my mission!

For choir we are preparing for an Evening of Music on the 22 of this month. I am suuuuper excited about it. One of the Senior couples (fun fact: his name is Elder Loyd and he worked with Derek Marquis for years) in our mission scheduled this concert for us for the purpose of bringing non-members to the concert. It is going to be huge! There are so many people coming. Pretty much everyone in the mission knows about it and they are told to bring their non-member friends. Our goal is to fill the chapel and all the way back to the stage with non-members. Then we are going to sing for an hour about Jesus Christ and the Atonement mainly and our mission president will speak for a little bit. It is going to be CRAZY!! Crazy thing to is that it is the night before Elder Risk goes home so it will be his last concert and then I am going to take over the choir!! Ah!!!!
Oh and we sang at a ward yesterday and we all got a text that said that one fo the investigators or non-member friends that was there at the performance decided to be baptized during sacrament meeting!! So cool!! The choir works!
I am doing great, being on a mission is such a fun time of your life. I love the people, I love my companions, I have soooo many blessings, and it has been such a good experience to share my testimony with members and non-members alike. Transfers are next week and I have ABSOLUTEY no idea what will happen, but come what may and love it, right? :)
Les quiero bastante!!
Hermana Johnson

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