Monday, February 3, 2014

I love being a missionary!

Hola a todos!!

I love being a missionary!! Everyone in the world should take the opportunity if they can to serve a mission. This week really wasn't anything spectacular, nothing crazily different happened. But I really have spent a lot of time realizing the amazing opportunity I have right now to be a missionary, a full time servant of the lord. I have the opportunity to spend all of my time learning how to listen to the spirit so that I can better be his servant and find the lost souls around me.
I have such a great love for the people here in this area, I never want to leave. We had a couple really powerful lessons this week with some less actives and active members who are struggling. We read D&C 121 with them and felt the power of the knowledge that our trials are only going to be for a short moment.

We found a solid family yesterday. Their names are Isabel and her son Alan. They are one of those families that just have a light about them. Alan has a TON of awesome questions, he was very open in our lesson and the spirit was really strong. We are probably going to pass them off to the elders though because he is 17 years old and the elders in our ward would just be the perfect people to teach him. We have become quite the distributors of investigators lately...this is like the 4th person that we have passed off lately, and we have another one of pass off, haha.
Ok one of them is actually a super funny story. So we started teaching this guy named Glen. He was super awesome, accepted a baptismal date (I think I talked about him a while ago) and really wanted to come to church. We started helping him apply for a bunch of jobs so that he could change his work so that he could come to church and everything. So we were super excited about it. About the time that we were helping him with the resumes and everything he started acting super weird, we didn't trust him, and we could tell he was pretty much just interested in us and not in the message. So....we passed him off to the elders. They had a super awesome lesson with him and then we said bye and that was it. Then the elders called him, texted him, called him again, texted again, and he wouldn't answer them. The funny thing is that we would NEVER call him to set up appointments, he would always call us and schedule them. Hahaha, super funny. So yeah, we have been passing off some investigators after that, we don't really want that to happen again... :)
Teresa and Miguel didn't come to church :( We have been really struggling with getting our investigators to go. That is our only focus with them this week. Tons of prayers so that they come would be awesome!!
I love this work, I love the gospel, its true, and the lord has a plan for each and every one of us. Even if we don't understand it, don't like it, or are having a hard time seeing what the plan is, God knows what he is doing. Trust him. Les quiero bastante, y espero el dia en que los vea otra vez!!
Hermana Johnson

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