Monday, July 7, 2014


Buenos Dias!!
So this past week has gone by way too fast! It was a great week though. For the 4th of July we had a mission conference from like 3 until 9, it was awesome! We played games as a mission, and then were able to watch the new movie "The Son of God". It was super fun to watch it together as a mission. Then afterwards the choir sang and President shared his testimony of the Savior. It was really powerful. We sang Dad's version of My Hands!! (this song that President and Sister Orgill absolutely love because they used to sing it at the PCC) They loved it! Sister Orgill came up to me in tears afterwards and said, "Can we please make that a regular one that you sing?" Haha, so thanks dad. We also sang This is the Christ and Go Ye Messengers, kind of classic songs that our choir always sings. But it was really powerful that night, probably the best time that we have ever sung This is the Christ. Oh, and Sister Bergau was there! That probably doesn't mean anything, but she is a missionary who was here before and has been home for a while. She had a really big impact on my mission so it was really cool to see her again.

Also this week I was able to go on an exchange with one of the sisters in the mission. I don't know if I told you all last week, but I have been given the opportunity this transfer to go on a couple exchanges with different sisters around the mission. Wow, I learned so much from this sister. I learned that if we think our trials are hard, they aren't. Someone else is ALWAYS going through something harder. But no matter how hard everything is, you can still be happy. She had such a glow and a light about her and she made everyone around her happy. It was really quite an amazing exchange.

So pray for Miguel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't come to church yesterday, but we are still working with him. We are planning on fasting this week and we are going to invite him to be baptized again on the 20th of July so help us out with your prayers! haha thanks! He is such a good person, he just needs his answer. Oh, this week we played soccer with him (he was almost on the professional team of Honduras before he hurt himself) and a couple other members. It was sooo fun! He was really good :)

Les quiero bastante!! Que tengan buena semana! Nos vemos en 1 mes! (See you in a month.....ah!!!)

Con amor,
Hermana Johnson

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