Monday, July 28, 2014

Wow, time flies

Wow, time flies when you are about to go home from your mission! Seriously, this week may have been the fastest week of my mission. That may have been because I spent about 4 days of it out of my area...but it was an awesome week! We did these things called 24s (I think I told you about it last week) where half the mission does a huge exchange for one day and at the end of it we had a big testimony meeting about all the miracles that happened on the exchange. It was super fun! I got to go back to the San Clemente YSA ward, my greenie area!! It was awesome. I was able to see a lot of the people that I taught, and I set up an appointment to see Shannon Brady, one of the recent converts that was baptized while I was there, this week before I leave! It was a very successful exchange :)

This week we feel like Miguel made a lot of progress! He didn't come to church, but we had some really good lessons. This week he will most likely be coming to a baptism and then we are going to take him up to the Newport Temple!!! I am suuuper excited about that. Our goal is to have a baptismal date with him by the end of this week, I really hope we can do that!!

Oh another super awesome thing that happened this week is that they are going to be starting the temple classes again in our ward! Sarai Cervantes (the mom of Kimberly-one of the people that was baptized while I was here) has been waiting for those classes for a while so she can go into the temple! I am sooo excited for her!
AAAAHHHHH!!!! This is my last full week in the field!! I honestly couldn't really tell you what I feel like right now. Some days I'm super excited and other days I am really sad, and other times I am just super anxious to see you all!

Les quiero bastante y nos vemos pronto!
La Hermana Johnson

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