Monday, April 7, 2014

La conferencia!


I love conference!! This year was really good! I wanted so badly for there to be another day, it always comes and goes so quickly. But my favorite talks were by President Monson and by President Uchtdorf. It really hit me a lot this conference about how much they talked about love and the importance of loving others with a Christ-like love and not a worldly love. And then in President Uchtdorf's talk about the importance of being a grateful person all the time whether or not things are going how you would want them to go. That is something that will change you! Something we have been doing a lot in our lessons with people is committing them to say a grateful prayer. We usually give them a life-saver and they have to put it in their mouths as they begin to pray and without biting on the life-saver they have to pray saying only things that they are grateful for until the life saver is gone. It is really cool, i did it and found that you literally feel a difference after the prayer is over than you did before, you are happier. So I invite you all to do the same. (you can pray for longer than the life-saver, it really isn't that long :D) I promise you, that if you say those types of prayers everyday then you will look at life differently, you will begin to develop that attitude of gratitude that President Uchtdorf was talking about!

Well transfers came and went! I stayed here as did Hermana Roos! And Hermana Velarde, the very first hermana that I trained, joined us in our companionship!! It has been really awesome, Hermana Velarde brought exactly what we needed into this companionship. And we have all gotten along really well. Luckily, Hermana Bullough is still in our ward, so we have seen her almost every single day since we have not been companions, haha. The joys of serving a spanish mission in Irvine, CA. I am really excited for this transfer, I am going to learn so much from the companionship!

We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Iris this week about the Book of Mormon. She is really excited to read it and to see if this will help her out in her life! Oh and we also found a new awesome investigator this week named Evelyn. She was someone we contacted on the street who pretty much set up an appointment with us. When we went over there, we taught her the restoration and as we got to the first vision she began to cry. She said she felt something really strong in her chest that she had never felt before. She said that many missionaries from different churches had come over, but that she had never experienced this. We invited her to be baptized and at first she said that she wanted to learn more, that she had already been baptized, etc. But then we invited her to pray and ask God if she should get baptized, and she actually did it! In her prayer she asked the specific question, then we waited in silence for a while and at the end of the silence with tears in her eyes she said, "Yes, he said yes." It was CRAZY!!! Miracles do happen! I love this work, I love the gospel, I know it is true with all my heart, and I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve him full-time and to enjoy the blessings of the gospel in its fullest. Remember to do the grateful prayer and I would love to hear about everyone's studies as they talked about it general conference!! I love you all!!

Con amor,
La Hermana Johnson

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