Monday, April 28, 2014

El amor de Dios


This week we found a couple new investigators, which was much needed so it was awesome! We found one of them in a Window and his name is Miguel. He is 23 and from Honduras and he just got here. He was going to be a professional soccer player until he hurt his cool. Well not the back part. But he is super prepared and super awesome. He is reading the Book of Mormon and so far has liked it. So we are reeally excited about him!
Also in our English ward there is a less-active who we finally found after like 3 months of looking, and she is awesome! She essentially has lost her testimony, but is suuuper open to learning more and gaining it back and her husband said that he might want to start going to church even though he doesn't like organized religion! That family has a ton of potential and I am really excited to start working with them!

This week the thing I have learned a lot about the power of love and prayer. I have always had the desire to truly love people and it has always been something that I have strived to do. But this past week I was able to truly understand in a deeper way how much God loves us and understand more fully why God was able to sacrifice his only Begotten Son for us. I had a spiritual witness that the only way we will be able to receive the type of love that God has, is if we are consistently and persistently praying for it. So that is my challenge for you today, that you don't forget to consistently and persistently pray for love!

Sorry I don't have much time, but I love you all and I am praying for you!
Hermana Johnson

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