Monday, April 14, 2014

El espiritu de sacrificio


This week was awesome. One of the highlights of the week was choir. I haven't talked about choir for a while, don't worry it has still been happening. This past week we had 2 performances that were really awesome. The first one was at Ragnar. So theres is this really famous race called the Ragnar that passes through here where hundreds-thousands of people run in teams from Huntington Beach down to San Diego. There are 15 people on a team (I think) and each one of them runs a certain amount and then they relay it off to the next person while the rest of the team drives to the next stopping point. Well one of the stopping points was one of the church buildings right next to where we live. When the team gets to the stopping point, they have about 30-45 minutes where they just sit around waiting until their runner arrives. So we went all out and turned it into a missionary opportunity. We had missionaries there giving tours of the building, giving out waterbottles with a bunch of info on it, and then they asked the choir to "be practicing" in the chapel so that the spirit would be really strong as the church tours were going on. It was really cool. I have no idea what kind of response came out of it because most of the people who came for the church tours aren't even from around here, but the spirit was soooo strong and I know that those who did the church tours felt the spirit. It built my testimony a ton, it is amazing the power that you feel as you watch 80 missionaries sing for an hour without talking and bearing their testimonies to those who came in.
Another really cool experience we had was last night. We were invited to sing at an interfaith conference in Irvine. We sang Called to Serve and oh boy was it powerful. I could hardly sing cause I was smiling so big. The room erupted (remember it is interfaith) into clapping and cheering afterwards. And I met one of Dad's friends (companions?) from his mission there! He is the stake president in Irvine and he gave a talk where he talked about his mission. As soon as he said where he served and when I was determined to talk to him, and sure enough they served in Santiago together! It was really cool!!

Enough about choir. This week we picked up an awesome new investigator! So her name is Rocio. We contacted a girl in the street and she told us where she lived and said we could stop by, so we did and it was a false address. But that's ok cause we ran into Rocio! She just came from Mexico a month ago and she just happened to have taken the missionary discussians down there for almost 3 years! She went to church and everything for a lot of it. But she didn't get baptized cause her husband lived in the US and she lived in Mexico and she didn't want to do it without his permission. Well, now they are living together. :) We have only had one lesson with her but we are super excited!!
Also Iris has been progressing pretty well. She wants to get baptized!! The only problem is that she needs to go to the singles ward...really its not a problem cause it is going to be so good for her, but we wont be teaching her anymore. But KEEP PRAYING for her because she is elect and is really struggling and she needs and wants the gospel in her life!

Oh yeah one more thing. I have been thinking and studying a lot about sacrifice lately and the power and spirit that come from it. The idea of sacrifice is to help us truly learn how to use the power of the Atonement to give up things that are difficult and rely heavily on the atonement. We have started a 40 day fast, where we (me and my companions) prayed and fasted about 10 things that we should give up and for these next 40 days we are not doing them. I am suuuper excited!! I know that through this the spirit will be stronger in our lessons, our testimonies will grow and miracles will happen. I challenge you all to sacrifice something in your life, to study the power that comes from the law of sacrifice and then sacrifice something that is "poking at your spirit", something that is stopping you from having the spirit more fully in your life. (one of the things I'm sacrificing is cracking my I may need some additional prayers, haha)

Anyways, I love you all, I miss you and I know that this gospel is true! Keep tuned next week for some excited news! :)

Les quiero!
Hermana Johnson

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