Monday, April 21, 2014



This week was absolutely fantastic. We have had a ton of success with the less-actives in our ward. There are a ton of them! But our investigator pool is beginning to dwindle, so that isn't quite as good! Iris moved to Santa Ana :( but we are working on setting her up with missionaries up there!
But these past 3 days have been amazing! We had the amazing opportunity to have a conference with Elder Niel L Andersen!! It was AWESOME!!! What was even cooler was that I had the opportunity, along with 8 other members of the mission, to sing for him and for all 400 other missionaries! I actually played the piano and we sang "Bright Beams", your song dad. It went super duper well. President Orgill said that he was blown away with how good it sounded. So AWESOME!! The actual meeting was amazing as well. He talked a lot about the power of bearing, a simple and true testimony. And how important honesty is as we bear that testimony. If we are bearing testimony of something that we don't actually fully believe then the spirit can't and won't come. But as we spend the time to gain a strong and powerful testimony and then bear it powerfully about the Atonement, then that is when the spirit will come and touch the lives of those around us. It was super awesome.
Then the next day was Easter. This was a really special Easter. We had a choir performance where we invited all of our investigators, less-actives, members and their friends to come and join us in celebrating the resurrection of the Savior. It was absolutely amazing. We sang 8 songs, but two of which were "This is the Christ" and "I Believe in Christ", the same versions that the Mormon Tabernacle choir sings. The spirit was so strong, possibly one of the strongest times that I have felt it. Many people came up to me afterwards expressing the impact that the night had on them. That night I received my own witness that God does answer prayers, that he knows us individually, and that he will grant unto us our desires as we pray persistently and with faith.

My testimony is grower stronger and stronger every day. I have a very strong testimony and knowledge that God loves each and every one of us individually and perfectly. That we too can feel that deep of love for all those around us as we pray and ask for it, as we serve those around us, and as we strive to live more and more like Christ. I love this gospel, I know it is true with all of my heart, and I absolutely love sharing it on a daily basis with those around me. One thing Elder Andersen urged us to do when he was here was to write down all the names of the apostles, then to write about what they talked about this past conference, and then to go back and restudy each of their talks, and then write what you are doing right now to follow the counsel that they gave us. That is my goal for these upcoming weeks, and I would urge you all to do the same. I love you!!

Hermana Johnson

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