Tuesday, August 6, 2013



So everyday in the mission is filled with miracles, you can see them everyday. We had a couple miracles this week that were super awesome. It was Friday and we had been in the house for a long time because it was weekly planning, when we received a call from a random number. It was from a lady named Gloria. She said, "Hola, ustedes me dijeron que iban a pasar. Cuando van a pasar?" (you guys told me you were going to come over, when are you going to come?)  and I was like, wait, you are you?? And then I remembered, Gloria. A lady we met in the street, a contact. WHAT THE?!? A contact actually called us! That never happens. So we told her we would come over that day. When we were at her house she told us that 12 years ago she took the missionary discussions and she was going to get baptized, but then she moved and the missionaries changed and we think some other things happened, and it didn't end up happening. But I guess she was reading the Bible or something because she was feeling a little down, and she remembered that she had talked to us in the street so she gave us a call and asked us to come over! Crazy! So we asked her if baptism was something she wanted to try to do again, and she said "Si, pero toma tiempo. Hay un proceso." (yeah, but it takes time, there is a process) Wahoo! We were really excited. She will have to get over some addictions and some other things, but if she is willing and if it is something that she wants, then she can do it. We were so excited.

Another good thing happened, actually that same day with Jason. I don't remember how much of Jason's story I told you guys but he is on a tour of the church history sites right now and we had our last lesson with him on Friday before he left. The hope is that by the end of his trip he will decide if he is going to do it or not. But we had had some iffy lessons with him and we really wanted to make our last lesson with him good before he left. So we talked about God's love for him. The spirit was really strong, we really hope he felt it. We helped him realize that he needs to understand the significance that God loves him and that because he loves us so much he sent Jesus Christ down here to perform the atonement for us. He admitted to us that he doesn't feel God's love and that he often rejects love and he doesn't know why. He told us later that the lesson really impacted him and made him think. So we are hoping that something on this trip will help him learn how to accept God's love and that he will finally stop rejecting the spirit so he can feel it!! Please pray a ton for him!!!

Oh yeah, and we have also been teaching the cutest family for the last couple weeks. We taught them about the restoration and we were kind of nervous because we knew that they were very religious and that they attended the catholic church all the time and they just had a lot of light in their eyes. We were nervous to tell them they needed to change religions. But shared Joseph Smith's story, and the oldest daughter, Evelyn was super into it. She told us that she really liked it when we came over and that she always learned something and that believed all of it. She liked that we answered her questions and stuff. Then her mom told us that she really liked it when we came over, but that she wasn't going to change religions. Which is fine, and honestly it was what we were expecting, but Evelyn is super into it and wants us to come back and keep teaching her! Miracles galore!

So all in all, this week has been really good. A lot of really good things happened. I love you all, I miss you all, and I know Chaidee already challenged some of you to do this, but for those who don't know Chaidee, I challenge you to count your miracles this week! Miracles happen every day!!

Les Quiero!!
Hermana Johnson

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