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Hola familia!! Tengo otro sabrino!!!!!!! Estoy MUY contenta, y no puedo esperar a verle :) (I have a nephew! I am soooo happy and I can't wait to see him!) Sometimes I just wish everyone spoke spanish, haha. I am so happy for you Alyse!!

I don't remember if I told the people who sent me stuff for my birthday thank you, if not..THANKS!!! It was a great birthday! It is weird being 20, I still tell everyone I am 19 on accident.
This week was awesome! I don't even know what the highlight was. We didn't have anything like super amazing happen, but it was just an overall good week. Its funny though cause at the same time it was kind of a rough week. I found out for sure that this upcoming week is my last week here i am getting transferred next week!! Usually people don't know these things until the saturday night before transfer day (next week) but Hermana Garner happens to be a Sister Training Leader and she pretty much knows a lot of what it is happening and she told me, haha. I am going to leave and go up and serve in Mission Viejo. And my companions are going to stay here in San Clemente, but they are only going to have the spanish ward, they are taking YSA away from us and giving it to new sisters. So there are a lot of changes coming our way! It has been a little bit sad to think that I am leaving really soon cause I really love the wards that I am in, but at the same time I am ready to go. I have been here for a while and I am ready for something new. And I am suuuper excited to go up to Mission Viejo! We went up there for a baptism and the ward is awesome! Way exciting!

Oh actually the highlight of the week is probably Ener! He is sooo awesome! So we have been teaching Ener for a while, almost since I got here. But there was a long time where we didn't teach him because his phone broke and he worked a ton, etc. But we finally got in contact with him again and we started teaching him, and he is doing sooo good! He used to be athiest, but he is definitely starting to believe in God. He reads the Book of Mormon a lot and he always has questions. He came to church yesterday and loved it!! He fits in really well with the people in the ward. He has really started making progress recently so we are really excited. He made a comment in the gospel principles class in church about how he really liked going here and how he fits in here, but he didn't at the catholic church. So sick!
Another really cool part about this week is that we are helping a less active couple stop smoking! It has been soo fun! We have this packet that is awesome to help people stop smoking in 7 days and we presented it to them, like gave them a lesson about it, and they are so stoked. So last night we went over to their house again and we commited them to do the program! We crushed all their cigarretes, took all their lighters, and everything else that had to do with smoking. It was really fun and the spirit was really strong, cause they were just pumped to do this.

Anyways, hopefully that wasn't too scatterbrained but I love you guys!! And I am so excited for you Alyse!! When things slow down a little bit I wouldn't mind seeing a couple pictures :)
Good luck in school Caleb and Andre!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRE!!!!! You are almost 18!!!!

Les quiero y que tenga buena semana!
Hermana Johnson

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