Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What a week

What a week. The highlight of this week is probably Maria! So I don't know if I have even talked about her. But she is someone we have been teaching's daughter. We went over to teach Lupe (her mom) and she wasn't there so we decided to just teach her. She is 17 and has a lot of interest in religion. We taught her probably the worst lesson we have ever taught together about Joseph Smith, but when we shared the first vision we could feel the spirit and she liked it. She told us that that was really interesting and that she was interested, so we started teaching her instead of her parents! From the fireside last week we learned a lot about questions, so we had her write a list of her questions and then we taught her the plan and answered some of her questions as we were doing it. And that one was probably the best lesson we have ever taught together as a companionship! :) The spirit was so strong and she was completely engaged because we were answering her questions! Then the next day there was a baptism in the stake and she came with us. It was really cool, and the spirit was really strong. At first I was nervous because there were so many little kids crying that you couldn't feel the spirit and it just felt like caous. But after the baptism there were some really powerful testimonies given, and a gorgeous song and the spirit was really strong. She said it was a little different cause she has never seen a baptism by full immersion, but that she liked it. Then about 2 hours later she left to go camping for a week, and that is where she is now. We were a little nervous, cause we just had a training on how we need to be seeing our investigators every other day and contacting them everyday or they just don't progress towards baptism. Because "Satan is contacting your investigators everyday. So should you." (that is one of my favorite quotes, haha) So we decided to make her a little kit. We wrote down all the questions that she had and then we found a whole bunch of scriptures from the book of mormon that answered those questions. Then we wrote her a note with step by step process of how to pray and study using those scriptures to see if the book of mormon is true. We are pretty excited about it. I hope she does it while she is camping, cause she has a ton of potential!!

The second great piece of news is that we think that Jason will be baptized here pretty soon. We don't want to get to excited about it, but he has made a lot of progress lately and we are going to meet with him at least 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks and see how we can help him! I am really excited about him.
We had a really cool experience as a companionship this week during weekly planning. Weekly planning is so long and often dredurous that even though you are supposed to have the spirit with you while you are planning, it is hard to cause you get so tired. But we have been learning a lot about the spirit and we decided to make sure we were guided by the spirit the whole time. It was really cool...and really time-consuming, but that's ok :) But this week I am really excited about the goals we set, I really believe that we can reach them because we prayed about them! One of those goals is to get 2 baptisms before I leave! (which is most likely in 2 weeks!) It is a high goal but we are counting on Jason and one other. So PRAY for us!!!!!! We really want to do this before I leave.

Ni modo....les quiero muchisimo! Espero que todo este bien alla! Quiero que Alyse vaya a dar luz esta semana!!! :) :) Adios!

Hermana Johnson

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