Saturday, August 17, 2013

Windows of Heaven


Ok we had a lot happen this week, and also not a lot happen. We don't really have anything different from last week investigators wise, but we had like 3 really awesome meetings.

The first one was zone training. I love zone training. We talked about the reason we are all here on missions and how the reason we need to be doing things is because we love God and we love the people here. We did a really cool practice. To start off, before we had even started talking about love or anything, we did a practice. We were in groups of 4 and 2 of us had to teach the other 2 about the restoration of the gospel. That was all we knew, so it was just a normal zone training practice. Then we all came back together and we learned about love and how we need to love everyone like Christ loved us and all this super cool stuff. Then we split back up into our groups and this time one of the missionaries chose somebody that they really loved a lot, a family member or good friend who was struggling in their lives right then. Then they told another missionary about the situation a little bit and the other missionary had to pretend like they were that person. Then they chose a gospel principle and they taught the "person that they loved" about that point. It was so cool, such a spiritual experience. I was the one pretending to be another missionaries brother, and he taught me. As soon as he started talking to me he started crying, more like bawling, and he just had so much passion for his brother. I instantly started crying and he just had our whole group in tears. He didn't even really teach me a gospel principle, he just bore his testimony, and he didn't tell me what his brother was going through, he just loved me (his brother). It was so powerful. If we could love everyone as much as that missionary loves his brother, everyone (well a lot of people) would come to know the truthfulness of this church and they would understand that God loves them. We have to love people!!! So cool!!

Ok second meeting. Mission conference. President Orgill just happens to be suuuper cool, and knows a lot of really awesome people. So he had this lady named Joyce Tan come and talk to us for 2 hours about how to find more effectivley and how to use the spirit more to do it. It was AMAZING!!! By using the technique that she taught us, she had a baptism just about every week for the last 6 months of her mission. Pretty much you tell the Lord that you are going to be here at this time and at this place (you pray about the time and place) and you go and contact there for at least an hour. She taught us how to contact very simply and how to weed out the elect from the not-elect (haha). We tell people that we want to share a short lesson with them that has changed our lives and if they let us sit down right then and there, then we teach them. If not, they aren't elect. So cool. So we decided to try it. After a whole ton of praying and talking with companions and stuff we went to this park that was in our area and we started contacting. 3rd person we went up to was sitting in a truck and he was awesome! We did a lesson right then and there (for our first time it was pretty good, but our lesson wasn't prepared at all. When he told us yes, all three of us were like, oh shoot what do we teach him?! Haha, but it was awesome. We will see what happens with him. His name is Robert, but we won't be able to teach him cause he speaks english...but hopefully he will still get baptized!

Third meeting. We had a fireside with Clay Christiansen last night. It was sooo good! He talked about questions and how if you don't have a question you cannot recieve revelation, because revelation is an answer to a question. So we need to figure out what people's questions are, and if they don't have any questions we need to help them have them, haha! There was so much more to that fireside, but I am running out of time so that's all I'll say. But it really was a great week, with a lot of spiritually uplifting moments.

I love you all and I hope you are all doing super well. Congratulations on the wedding Celinda!! I wish I could have been there, but I am soooo happy for you :)

Les quiero!!
Hermana Johnson

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