Wednesday, July 31, 2013

La primera semana ha vino y se fue!


Well, this week has been super crazy, stressful, and pretty good. The major news is that I now have 2 new companions! They are both spanish, thank goodness, and so far it has been pretty good! One of them is a greenie, Hermana Velarde, and she is a native speaker!!! I was suuuuuuper excited about that. I have already learned a lot from her and my goal is to be able to speak purely spanish with her during this transfer. It is going to be reeeeally hard, but I want to do it. She is also very prepared to be here, its awesome. She has so much enthusiasm for the work and she wants to learn and know about everything! My other companion is Hermana Hodgson (you pronounce it hodson), and she is super sweet. She has such a strong testimony and she is a ton of fun. She loves What's Up Doc!!!!! I freaked out when she told me that was her favorite movie. I will admit that we have spent a lot of time quoting it since that amazing discovery. This will be a really good transfer with them though, I am excited. It has been a little sad not to be with Hermana Garner anymore though cause we got along really well. And we worked together really well too. It is kind of weird figuring out how to work with different people, and 2 people.

So yeah, this week has also been really stressful. I am the only one that knows the area, the people, and Hermana Velarde doesn't know anything about missionary work yet. It is hard to teach her everything that she needs to know and teach Hna Hodgson the things she needs to know at the same time. But I feel like we have done pretty good so far. And we are getting along so far also, so I am really excited for this trasfer! They both have such good spirits.

This week we set a baptismal date with Ana Mendoza again! She has been really hard to find because she works soooo much! But she is really excited to get baptized. She hasn't been able to come to church yet because of work, but she wants to. We are working with her on that.
Oh we also picked up another investigator in the YSA ward. His name is Jason and he is awesome. So he has been investigating for 3 years. Yeah. He actually has a calling in the ward to teach Gospel Principles and he goes home teaching regularly. But he isn't baptized. He lives in the Elders area so we haven't been teaching him, but our ward mission leader really felt impressed that we should start teaching him. He is going on a trip to see all the church history sites and essentially he wants to have made his decision by then. Either he is going to get baptized, or he is done. He is so awesome though, I am really excited about him. We are going to teach him as much as possible before he goes on his trip to try to get him to recognize the spirit and know for sure that this is all true.

Les Quiero mucho!!!
Hermana Johnson

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