Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Pues, esta semana fue fantastico!! First of all, we are officially the Irvine mission! Our mission president is here and we are going to meet him on Thursday. He looks really awesome, I am really excited. It honestly doesn't feel any different yet. Our last mission conference with President Cook was a little sad, but now I am just really excited to meet my new one.

Tabby got baptized!!!! It was such a good baptism. Tabby was bawling literally the whole time. Her family all came cause she grew up mormon and her whole family is mormon, she just never got baptized, and so there were a ton of people there. Everyone kept saying how they never thought this day would come, and that Tabby has always been so against getting baptized and so against the church, that it was really amazing to see her changed. Which was kind of crazy for me, because by the time I got here I felt like Tabby was all about getting baptized. But she really has changed A TON in her life. She was so happy, it was awesome. Before the baptism started she was jumping up and down and talking to everyone about how she was so excited and everything. :) So she asked me and Hermana Garner to give a talk about baptism. As part of the talk we used her favorite talk "Forget Me Not" by President Uchtdorf. She LOVES this talk. So at the end of our talk we gave her a Forget Me Not necklace and told her to never forget the covenants that she is making today and no never forget to lean on the lord and a whole bunch of other stuff. She was soooo happy! She started crying again :) Then we gave her one of those book of mormons that I made for my team (TraceCe and Autumn made me one, Thank you!) and we wrote our testimonies in that and gave it to her too. Tabby was just glowing, it was so awesome.

So now all of our investigators in the YSA ward are baptized. But its ok, because the Lord is just full of miracles and all of a sudden we have 3 more! One of them, Selina,  just showed up at church last week and apparently she has already taken discussions before but her parents are super against her getting baptized so she wants to wait until they are ok with it. Another one, Nancy, was passed off to us from another set of sister missionaries. And the other one is Jake, Tabby's boyfried.

So this is a cool story. Before Tabby's baptism yesterday we were all sitting at church together in sacrament meeting. It was me, Hermana Garner, Tabby, her brother, her boyfriend Jake, and some of Tabby's friends. Sacrament meeting was one of the best Sacrament meetings I have ever been too. The talks were sooo good. Shannon told her conversion story :) and then 2 returned missionaries spoke. But I looked over at Jake towards the end of the last talk and he was bawling. Then he sat there are cried all through the last song. After sacrament meeting Tabby was talking to a bunch of people and he just sat there on the bench, so I went up to him and talked to him for a while. He felt the spirit super strong and he is just going through some really hard things right now. We talked for a while and I asked him if he wanted missionaries to come teach him. (he is Lutheran and his family is VERY anti-mormon) He said yes, he said he knew this was the right thing, but he is just really scared. It was awesome! I mean not really, cause he was waaay sad, but he totally felt the spirit. Then at Tabby's baptism he bore his testimony while she was changing and said that he wanted to get baptized in this church! :) So awesome. So he lives out of our area...actually out of our mission now. But we are going to see what we can do to teach him, cause he wants to come to our ward. So awesome!

Important information! Send everything here!
My new address:
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Irvine, CA 92604

Anyways, I might have more information on the changes of the mission next week. But I love you all and I hope everything is going super well!

Les Quiero!
Hermana Johnson

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