Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Orgill Time


Highlight of the week: WE MET OUR NEW MISSION PRESIDENT!!! It was actually really exciting, I just really wanted to see what he was going to be like and what was going to change, what was going to happen, and all that. I wasn't nervous to meet him, but just super excited. So on Thursday, for the 4th of July, we had a 'introduction to the Irvine mission' meeting where we were able to mingle with all the missionaries from both missions that we didn't know, eat lunch, and hear a little bit from our mission president. He is soooo awesome! He brought the spirit really well and would be talking very reverently about how we are here for a purpose and all this stuff, and then 2 seconds later he would be cracking jokes and telling us about how he met his wife, and then again he would all of a sudden change to being reverent. It was really funny. I really really like both him and his wife. Oh yeah!!! Grandma and Grandpa Skousen, they know you!!!! Their daughter is in your ward (something Bunker) and he was the president of the Polynesian Cultural Center for 13 years! They have been to your house and the said you would know them for sure, their name is President and Sister Orgill. So cool!! Sister Orgill said she really liked your garden Grandpa and that she just wishes she had one like that :) Catherine, you might know their daughter too cause she is in her 30's and she has been in that ward for a while. Anyways, yeah I am really excited to have him as my president. He has the biggest smile and he loves people. We had interviews with him as well, and he took like a half an hour to an hour with every single missionary in the mission (117 missionaries). So yeah, super excited.
This last week was a little bit slower because all of our investigators just got baptized in YSA, and no one is home because of the summer. So...its been kind of hard to find people at home. But it has still been pretty good. I have realized a lot this week how blessed I have been in my mission. I seriously have had the best mission so far, I have an awesome companion, I am in a gorgeous area, we have been super blessed with baptisms, the YSA ward is awesome, I have made a ton of awesome friends, etc. I could go on, but pretty much the idea is that I feel really blessed. This week I swear like 10 people from the YSA ward gave us their schedules and they want to come help us out and all these things, and a couple of them even speak spanish! They are so missionary minded, its awesome!
Oh and we had a lesson with Shannon this week about missionary work. And she is soooo awesome!!! She really wants to do missionary work, she is trying to invite a bunch of her friends to church, she invited her brother to break the fast, she just asked us to bring a book of mormon with us to our next lesson so she can give it to a friend, she is just so cool.
Ok I feel like this letter has been really scattered, but we don't have that much time sorry about that. I love you all and I hope that you are all doing well!
Les Quiero!
Hermana Johnson

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