Wednesday, July 31, 2013


AY! This has been such a crazy last couple of days!! So to start, transfers are today. I should be like super full of emotion right now, and I kind of am, but there are so many changes that are happening that I don't even know how to feel. But the biggest piece of news is that Sister Garner is leaving me :( It is going to be really sad, cause we get along really well and we have so many really good relationships with people here as the two of us. It will be wierd to have a different companion, I feel like I will have to start over a little bit. Oh and speaking of my new companion...I'm going to be in a trio! And I will be co-training! AY! We don't know who they will be yet until transfer meeting later today, but yeah I'm co-training. There are so many changes coming in the mission and it is really hard to explain all of them cause I don't have that much time, but because of all of these we are pretty sure that one of my companions will be English. And Sister Garner is going to English work too, we are pretty sure, because she got called to be a sister training leader! And she is co-training too :) There are going to be a ton of trios in the mission because we don't have very many areas (cause our mission is tiny!) but we are getting 31 new missionaries. Anyways, moral of the story is that today and these last couple days have been crazy getting ready for transfers, saying bye to everyone for hna garner, rearranging our house so that 3 people will fit in there, etc. I am really excited though! It could be kind of hard, but it will be super fun at the same time! Living with 3 people will be super fun!

So yesterday we got to see the coolest thing. I think I told you guys before that President Orgill was the President of the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) for like 13 years or something like that. So they are touring on the mainland right now and he had them come and welcome him into the Irvine mission and put on a show in Mission Viejo. The YSA ward hosted it and it was our FHE and all the other missionaries in the mission were invited if they could get investigators or less actives there. It was soooooo cool!!! They did their whole fire dancing thing and everything! We were told that we were supposed to leave and be home on time even if the show wasn't over, so as all the missionaries were leaving, one missionary came running to all of us and was like, "NO! Wait, President said we could stay!" Haha, it was super funny, and our President is sooo awesome! So we stayed and didn't get home until like 10:15. It was awesome, because it was the last time hna garner got to see a bunch of people in the YSA ward and it was just really fun.

Well that is really all I have time for today! I will let you know how this next week goes with my new companions!

Les Quiero muchisimo! Y que tenga buena semana! :)
Hermana Johnson

p.s. Brian, you're in the mission field!!! Sooo exciting! Haha, making phone calls in Spanish was the worst part! I would always put it on speaker so Hna Garner could help me, cause I never understood anything. I still don't understand a ton of things on the phone, so we'll see how training goes! 

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