Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Well my computer hasn't been working so I have hardly any time left, but the highlight of the week was Noel's baptism and then Lulu's the next day! Noel was our baptism, well I taught him like 3 times before he got baptized. It was actually a pretty stressful, but it ended up pretty good! Then Lulu was someone that I found and taught once, then I passed her off to the other Hermanas in Mission Viejo, and she just barely got baptized! She is so awesome! So it was a really good weekend. Noel's sister came to church also and she might come again next week, so we are really excited about that too!

Sorry for the super short letter, I am doing awesome and I am loving San Clemente!
Que se banen! :) (that is what one of our investigators always tells us when we leave, haha. It means essentially that I hope that you take a bath! Anyways, les quiero bastante!

Hermana Johnson

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