Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some good turns and some bad turns

This week had both some good turns and some bad turns. We'll start with the bad.
We got a text from Benito a couple days ago that said that he didn't want to get baptized anymore, that he changed his mind. Ugh. We were like, what the heck?!?! It was super random cause the day before we had had a really powerful lesson. So we called him and talked to him about it and asked him what had happened. He kept making up excuses, that he didn't have enough time, that he was still meeting with the Jehovah Witnesses and they were hispanic and he liked that better, and other stuff that really didn't make any sense. So i spent a LONG time on the phone with him trying to figure out what was going on and bearing my testimony. Finally at the very end of the conversation he told us what his real concern was....he really liked a girl from the Jehovah Witnesses church and she told him that she wanted to marry him. HAHAHA!!!! Are you joking me? That was his concern, which was completely valid because he is like 45 and lonely so I understand that that would be hard, but he didn't want his family to be in 2 different religions. SO...he didn't want to meet with us anymore. Try as we might, he wouldn't let us. We were suuuper bummed. Fast forward a couple days. We call him and he confesses that he feels terrible and that he thinks that this is actually the true church because he has felt terrible ever since then and and didn't feel like that when he was meeting with us. So he does want to meet with us still!! So it really isn't that bad of news, but he won't be able to get baptized this Saturday...we don't think. We are going to see him tomorrow though. PRAY FOR HIM!!!!

But also this week we had an AMAZING training! We had some people come down from Salt Lake to train our mission about a new way to teach. They showed us how to use pamphlets and questions in a very simple way to bring the spirit in every lesson. They showed us how to have the investigator receive revelation immediately on the spot during the lesson with the way that we teach. It was AWESOME!! It was an all day training and we learned a lot, but the spirit was super strong there. It was a very spiritual experience and one that has helped out in our teaching a lot. We have used the new method almost every single method and have gotten some really good results. I am excited to see what will happen as we improve in our ability to teach it.
Also this past week we were able to find 6 new investigators, which we really needed!! They all have a lot of potential so we are really excited about that. Their names are Teresa, Miguel, Natalie, Sophia (not 8 so not really an investigator), Ernesto, Teresa, and Fernando.
Anyways, I love you all and I hope that you are all doing amazing!!
Con amor,
Hermana Johnson 

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