Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More investigators

So we have been trying to focus on picking up more investigators these last couple weeks...and guess what?! We got 5 new investigators this week! They aren't all super strong and we are pretty positive with a couple of them it won't go anywhere, but we got a couple pretty good ones. 2 of them were definitely directed by the spirit. We were going to go see a couple potential investigators in this apartment complex and we remembered that someone had told us once that a hispanic family lived one of the bottom apartments. So we decided to knock on her door before we went upstairs to visit our potential. When she came to the door she was pretty cold and we didn't think anything would come out of it, but then Hermana Garner said, "Well if there is anything we can do to help you out we would love to help. We can help you clean or do whatever!" Then she was like, oh seriously? And let us in. We were thinking that we would just end up doing service, but instead we just sat down and started talking. We found out that she has been to Temple Square and watched every single video there. She said she loved how all the people looked like they had a light around them and were always so happy. She really wants to learn how to pray and communicate with God better because she thinks her life will be better. It was so awesome. So we set a return appointment and taught her how to pray and stuff. They are going on vacation for like 3 weeks, but she said she wants us to come over when she gets back and teach her more about how to communicate with God and to help her clean her house, haha. We were sooo excited!

Then a couple days later we were going to visit a referral and there were people outside of her house. So we started talking to this other lady for a while and we were able to pick her up as a new investigator too! It turns out that our referral didn't even live there, but we were supposed to go there so we could talk to the other lady. Missionary work is awesome, I swear that always happens.
This week was super busy. Even though we spent time finding new investigators, we still taught 28 lessons and we are planning 2 baptisms! So we have had a ton to do.
Shannon and Tabby are both going strong. They are both super excited for their baptisms! Its awesome cause we have been seeing them a lot and they are both good cooks and they just love to feed us :) That is another good part of being a missionary, haha.

As a missionary you get to see a lot of people grow in the gospel and see them come to know these things are true, but you also get to see a lot of people who are really struggling with their faith. We had a couple lessons with people who are just really struggling to have faith this week, and it is seriously the saddest thing. But it has really grown my testimony in faith. Because the people who are struggling are the ones who are not following all the commandments and who are not doing all the things we are telling them to do. And those that grow in the gospel are the ones who do what we invite them to. I have really learned that the only way to have true faith is to just trust God and do the things he is telling us to do!

Well I am out of time. Les quiero mucho y gracias por todos sus oraciones! Puedo sentirlas!
Hermana Johnson

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