Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hola familia y amigos!!!

First and foremost, we just had an awesome miracle!! So I can't remember how much I have told you guys about Shannon, but she is an investigator we just got from the English Elders and she is going to be going to the singles ward. Well, she's pretty much soooooo awesome and could be baptized tomorrow. But the problem is that she wanted Elder Armstrong to baptize her and he isn't coming back to the mission until August. (yeah i'm pretty sure I already emailed this) But anyways, we got a call late last night that we couldn't answer from the English Elders and we just barely called them back this morning. They said that they were teaching Jack, her boyfriend, (because he is still in their ward) and at the end of the lesson Shannon came in. She asked one of the elders what day he was going to be leaving because he is about to go home and he said on the 25th of this month. Then she said that Elder Armstrong was actually not going to be able to come back and visit the mission so she wanted to get baptized earlier, and before he left if possible!!! So she is going to get baptized this month!!!! We are soo excited! As a zone we have a goal to get 5 baptisms this month and it wasn't looking like it was going to happen, but now it will! So cool.

So this week was pretty busy. On Thursday we had a zone training meeting. It was all about studying. It was perfect because just the day before me and Hermana Garner were talking about how we wanted to learn how to study better. It was really good. Pretty much what we did was spent an hour and half, almost 2 hours reading 2 pages of Preach my Gospel. If you really sit there and "escundrinar las escrituras" (scrutinize or pick apart the scriptures) then you can get sooo much out of them. So I have had this goal to read 5 pages in the Spanish scriptures every morning out loud and I have been doing really well at it. But I realized at this conference that that wasn't really helping me learn because I was just trying to read it really fast. So instead we learned a different way to study. Instead we learned that we should have a question in mind about one of our investigators while we are reading the chapter. Then begin with a prayer and ask that we will know how to help our investigators while we are reading. You get WAY more out of the scriptures when you do that. So it was really cool and I think it has helped my studies a lot. 

Then the next day we had a Spanish conference. It was way fun!! It was with all the Spanish missionaries in the mission and afterward we did a mission-wide exchange. The conference part was good, it was cool cause the whole thing was in Spanish and usually all of our meetings are in English. And we could do all the practices in Spanish too, which we usually can't do also. I was kind of scared to do the practices in Spanish, but I actually did really good! My group said that I was really good at Spanish for how long I've been out so that made me super happy. Then we went on exchanges and I went with Hermana Schwaggler, but stayed up here in San Clemente. It was the funnest exchange I have ever been on (out of all 2 of them). She reminds me a TON of Autumn. We didn't stop talking like the whole time and she is a really good missionary. I just felt really confident with her and super bubbly. Maybe I was just having withdrawals or something from not living with Autumn for so long and because she was so much like her my crazy side came out again, I don't know. But it was really fun. 

But yeah this week was awesome!! These next couple weeks are going to be awesome too! We are coming down to the wire, only 2 more weeks until all the changes are made! Yeah, I'm pretty much 100% positive both me and Hermana Garner will be staying up in the Irvine mission now, so we aren't nearly as stressed about that anymore. We really want to make sure Areli gets baptized in June like we have planned, but she has been really hard to find at home lately. And her mom might want her to wait for July so we are praying that we will be able to make it happen! We need her to get baptized to reach our goal for the zone! 

I love you all and I hope everyone is having a great week!

Les Quiero!
Hermana Johnson

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