Thursday, May 23, 2013


GIOVANI CAME TO CHURCH!!!! Wahoo! We were so excited, he walked and Hermana Garner and I pretty much stopped in our tracks and just started smiling. He was suuuper nervous though for some reason. He didn't feel like he knew anybody and his wife was a little bit speculative of him coming. But he talked to a guy in the ward who invited him to stay for the rest of church after sacrament meeting and he said that he would come next week for the full 3 hours but that his wife was expecting him home. So he should be coming next week too!
This week was a really good one, seriously so many good things happened. Besides Giovani coming to church we also had a really good lesson with Areli. We had taught her the 10 commandments and the signs before and when we came back she was sooo excited to show us that she had them memorized and that she had been practicing all morning during school, haha. She is sooo cute! Then we watched the Joseph Smith movie about the restoration with her. I don't know, it was just really good. She told us how she felt this really good feeling when she read and prayed the other night, like through her whole body :D then at the end of the lesson she was like, so June 15th right? That's when I can get baptized! And she ran over and wrote it on the calendar. Seriously she is adorable. Now the problem is we need to get her mom on board with us so that she can come to church and so that her mom is supportive and everything. So please pray for her to come to church this week!
We also had a good lesson with Tabby's boyfriend. He is becoming really interested now in the things Tabby believes because she is about to get baptized so we taught him about the restoration and he was really receptive. There is a lot that would need to happen with him before he could get baptized, but hopefully through Tabby's example it will happen one day.
Oh yeah, I also played the piano in church last Sunday. Sister Staley White, a lady in our ward (she actually worked with Lindsey Christensen as a secretary or something like that at BYU) sings suuuper well and she asked me to accompany her. It turned out really pretty, I love accompanying people. It is like the only opportunity I get to play the piano!
Today is transfer day! I have already been out for a transfer, that means I've been gone 3 months officially. Super weird, it does not feel that long. I still feel like I just got here. This is President Cooks last transfer and the last transfer of the Carlsbad mission as it is right now. Its weird cause this transfer flew by, so all of these changes are going to happen really soon!
I'm sure there were more things that happened this week cause it really was a good one, but I can't think of them right now. But I love you guys and I hope all is well back in utah!!
Les Quiero!
Hermana Johnson

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