Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feliz Dia De Los Madres!!!!

Hola Familia!!!

It was sooo good to talk to you guys this sunday! I was excited for it all day :) For a while I didn't think I was going to be able to talk to you because we couldn't get the password to work in the church, and I was going to be really mad. But we got everything worked out! I feel like I already told you mostly what is going on here, but here is a recap and a couple other things!

Something exciting that I forgot to tell you is that we finally set a baptismal date for Tabby! WAHOO! It was actually really hard to set. She talks sooooooo much, seriously. Even more than Autumn (haha just kidding :P). But ever since I have been here, we have only been able to teach her the plan of salvation, and part of the gospel (faith). Its good cause we are really good friends, so she tells us everything, but its bad cause she literally tells us everything so it takes forever. But the other day we went over and I was like, "Hey, let's plan your baptism! You can choose who does everything!" And she was really excited for that (she wants like 4 talks, 3 musical numbers, etc. its hilarious, i love it) So we sat down and started planning it, and then finally I was like, "Tabby you're going to need to start calling people so we should have a date to tell them when this is going to happen." And finally she chose the 30th of June! Man, we had been trying to get her to set a date the last 3 times we went over there. But we are really excited because that is the day before President Cook goes home and we have a goal to get 235 baptisms by then, and to do that every set of missionaries needs to have at least one baptism, so we are going to get one! She is really excited, I am really excited for her.

We also set a baptismal date for this little girl named Areli. She is the cutest girl ever. Seriously, she's 11 and she is just adorable. We taught her about baptism and everything and she really wants to get baptized. Now we just need to figure out a way to get her to church and get her friends and stuff because her mom is really busy and works on Sundays so she never has a ride. Her mom is really nice and we are trying to teach her too, but she mostly just likes us and is just always leaving so she doesn't really listen that much. But if we can get Areli to church this Sunday and get her some friends, she will be baptized too! Her date is June 15th, so hopefully that will go through as well.

There's also this other family that we are working with. It is kind of an interesting situation. Our zone leaders were teaching a recent convert named Selene who was baptized in Texas just a couple months ago. They have been working with her and somehow started teaching her whole family. Its weird though cause her dad is athiest, her mom is a devout catholic, and she, even though she is baptized, doesn't have a testimony at all. She used to be satanist, athiest, and all this stuff, but I think she just made some good friends in Texas who were nice so she got baptized. What's interesting though, is that our lessons with them are usually always really good. That dad is the most into the lessons. From all the questions that he asks he seems really interested and like he wants to change and stuff, but I don't know, sometimes it also feels like he thinks we're crazy or something. Selene and her dad don't get along at all, and so we started meeting with Selene by herself so that we can figure out the story of their family. The dad has told us multiple times though, that if he gets an answer that the book of mormon is true that he will be baptized. So he definitely has potential.
Oh and we found out this week that one of our investigators in the YSA ward who we set a baptismal date with and we were super excited about, is in jail. I guess he was caught with drugs on the military base for the third time in a row. So we don't know if we'll ever be able to see him again or not.

The work is going really well here. We have a lot of people that we are working with, we just need to figure out how to resolve all of their concerns a little bit better. I feel like we have a lot of fence sitters right now and we need to somehow figure out how to help them realize the importance of our message. The gospel is true and it is going to bless their lives soooo much! So we need to help them realize that a little bit better. But pray that we will be able to have 2 baptisms before President Cook leaves. Tabby and someone else, that is my goal. I love you guys and it was really good to see everybody! I can't believe college is out and high school is almost out. Brian, you have the Priesthood!!! And you are going on a mission in pretty much 3 weeks!!! Let me know when you go to the temple because that is sooo exciting! I love you guys and I will talk to you next week.

Les Quiero Mucho!
Hermana Johnson

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