Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm in California!!!!!!!!!

Ok so a ton has happened this week, we'll see if I can remember it all and explain it in the time that I have. First of all, I made it safely to California! I was assigned to serve in San Clemente with Hermana Garner. She is awesome! She is super good at making conversation with people and with directing the lessons. I really like being her companion. We have the best apartment in the mission, hands down. (Autumn, 100% hands down! :D) San Clemente is on the coast and our apartment is on a huge hill so from our balcony we have the most gorgeous view of the ocean, the best is when the sun is setting. Someday I'll send a picture so everyone can be jealous of me. :) But because San Clemente is in the north part of the mission, and the mission is splitting, on July 1st I will for sure be a part of the Irvine California mission instead of part of the Carlsbad mission. It kind of stinks because I really like this mission president, but oh well. It just means that my entire mission will be on the coast! Wahoo!

This first week has actually been super good. We have had soooo many lessons to teach and there is always something to do. Sometimes it is overwhelming, but we have hardly had to tract or contact so it has been pretty good. We are assigned to 2 wards. 1 spanish ward that covers a pretty large area and we also serve in the singles ward in San Clemente. I really like it because the singles ward is awesome and I get to work on my spanish. But it is also kind of hard because we go back and forth teaching people in English and in Spanish so I feel like it will take me a little bit longer to learn the language. Slowly but surely I am improving my spanish. There are these 2 families, the Garcias and Concha and her kids, that we always go visit. And Hermana Garcia and Concha (they are sisters) talk SOOOOO fast!! It is ridiculous, I never know what they are saying. Concha keeps asking me if I'm sad because I just sit there and stare at her really intently because I am trying to understand what she is saying. I really like the spanish culture though. I feel like I already understand more than I did a week ago, even though that isn't that much. Our lessons this week have been awesome! I was super blessed to have a trainer who knows what she is doing and has been working super hard in this area so we already have 2 baptisms on sunday! One of them is a guy in the singles ward named Nick. He kind of reminds me of you Grace (hopefully you're reading this) He is AWESOME! Seriously, he is so prepared. I have only taught him twice, but they have taught him 6 or 7 times before I got there. He is having a lot of people coming up to him giving him anti mormon talk so this past week we have just been clearing a lot of that up. But Sunday he told us for sure that he doesn't understand why but he knows in the hard of his hearts that all of this is true and that he is going through with it on Sunday. We were so happy. Concha's son is the other boy getting baptized this week on Sunday. He is 8 and is so adorable. Concha would be baptized but she needs to get divorced so she can marry her boyfriend that she lives with and doesn't have any money to do it. So she is just waiting for that whole process to happen. But this weekend is going to be super awesome. Yesterday we had a lesson with another single adult investigator named Jeremy. He is a friend with someone at church, Ryan, and they are both in the marine's at camp pendleton. Jeremy has been through a lot in his life and has always wondered what made Ryan be so positive through everything that has happened to them while in service. So for a long time we have been trying to set up an appointment with him. Finally it happened yesterday and it went awesome. He shared with us a lot of stuff about his life and after a good long, almost 2 hour, lesson we committed him to be baptized as well. It was really cool, he is such an awesome guy.

There was a lot more that happened, but those are the most important points. I have loved being out in the field. I am always tired, and you don't have any time to do anything for yourself, but it is fun to start learning things. Doing the work for real makes you realize all the things you need to work on, but I am excited to start working on them. (like contacting-I do not like it and I am suuuuper bad at it) But overall I am doing awesome and I am loving living in California. The weather seriously is amazing. Oh and we heard about a bombing that happened yesterday in Boston. We heard about it in a spanish lesson so I didn't really understand exactly what happened, but something about 2 bombs went off at the finish line of a marathon? So sad! Mom or dad, will you email me details in English please? :) Les Quiero mucho! Que tengan buena semana!

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