Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baptism city!!

HOLA!! Como estan?!

This week was awesome. The focal point of the week was definitively Sunday because we had 2 baptisms in one day! It was awesome. But that made for quite the stressful week leading up to it and especially the day before and the day of. I actually didn't feel super stressed but my companion was freaking out all week, haha. But she pretty much planned all of them and got everything figured out cause I didn't know what we needed to do. But this is how it went. So first of all, we will start with someday this past week I don't remember when, but we got a call from the bishop and he asked me to speak in sacrament meeting in the singles ward for 10 minutes on anything missionary related. My first response was, "I've been out for a week, I don't know anything about missionary work!" So as well as planning the baptisms, I also had to write a talk. And for those who have been on a mission, they know that it is kind of hard to find time to write a talk because you have to be doing other things during all of your study times. So then we get to Saturday, the day before the baptisms, and we get another call. This one was at 12, after our studies are done and we are about to leave the house. It was the bishop in the Spanish ward asking us to speak in that ward the next day! So yeah, my second week in I gave 2 talks. One in Spanish and one in English, on the same day that we had 2 baptisms. It was actually super awesome. Both the talks went really well, I just read what I wrote on my paper for the Spanish one and I copied a lot of quotes so it had perfect Spanish. :) Everyone afterwards came up to me and told me I had super good Spanish and then proceeded to think that that meant I could understand everything they were saying...which was not the case. I kinda felt dumb, cause they would start talking to me and I would just stare blankly at them, smile, and shake my head trying to find my companion, haha. Yeah, sometimes that is how it goes.

So on Sunday we first went to the Spanish ward, we gave our talks, and then we headed over the singles ward where I gave my talk there. It went really well also, I talked about the Atonement and I was able to talk without just staring at my paper cause I understood what I was saying :) Then right after church was over we set up for Nick's baptism. His whole family came which was super awesome because they are very skeptical about this whole thing with him getting baptized. He is such a stud, the baptism was AMAZING!! The talks were both given by his institute teachers, so naturally they were amazing. Both of the talks were definitively directed at his family and his parents. They told them to come and see what we do here if they are skeptical. They were pretty bold, but super good. Nick bore such a powerful testimony at the end. He is going to be a solid member, he just had a huge glow around his face and he couldn't stop smiling, it was the best feeling ever watching him.

After that baptism was over we ran over as fast as we could to the other baptism. Good thing everyone is late in the Hispanic culture because we got there late and didn't have things ready when we got there. As soon as we arrived, this lady in the ward (who knows Lindsey Christensen) who was doing a musical number was trying to find someone to play the piano for her song. So about 10 minutes before the program started we went to the other room and I played through the song for her. It is times like these that I am super grateful mom for the piano that I took when I was little. It turned out super good. I also played "Come Thou Fount" on the guitar at the baptism. Hermana Garcia (Sebastian's mom- he got baptized) found out I could play the guitar cause she had one at her house, and she insisted I played at the baptism. She LOVES it when I play for her. I don't mind because its the only time I get to play a musical instrument so I play for her every time we go over there-which is a lot. So that was my day. Pretty much the entire week was preparing for that, and even though a lot more happened that was definitively the focal point. It was stressful, but amazing. Missionary work is awesome!

Oh another thing that happened is one of our investigators, Tabby, was at Nick's baptism and she kept saying "That's gonna be me next!" She is so excited. She is awesome, so hopefully we'll be seeing another baptism with her soon as well. For some reason she thinks she has to read the whole BOM before she gets baptized because her Grandma, who is Mormon  told her to, or something like that. So we don't know when it will happen, but she's a rock. Its gonna happen. Super cool.

Well that's all the time I have. I love you guys!! Les quiero! Hasta Luego!
Hermana Johnson

p.s. CONGRATULATIONS CELINDA!!!!!!!! YOU ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! You need to write me and give me the details one of these days :)

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