Thursday, April 4, 2013

California Bound!!!

Ok before I forget. We got our travel plans this week! My flight leaves Tuesday morning at 8:40 and I will be arriving in California around 9:30. I am allowed to call you in the airport before my flight leaves!! I am not really sure how all of it works though so be ready for a call anytime in the morning. I leave the MTC at 5 but I don't think I will be allowed to call until I get to Salt Lake, so it shouldn't be that early.

This week was super cool. Easter in the MTC was awesome! The rumors were not true, an apostle did not come. But it was still awesome. They did a special mission conference where they served the sacrament in the big meeting room with 3000 people there. It was really powerful, I don't really know why it was more powerful than a normal sacrament meeting but they had pictures of Christ playing on the screen and Hermana Naatjes compared it to Jesus feeding the 5000. I don't know, it was just really cool. And to hear all 3000 of us missionaries singing Easter songs about Christ was really powerful too. The talk, even though it wasn't given by a General Authority, was also very powerful. Then later that night we had a devotional given by Sheri Dew. Wow, she is like a girl Elder Holland. Super good. It was just a good day.

So we got a new investigator this week named Domingo. We have only taught him once and we will only teach him one more time before we leave, but it was cool to teach him because he doesn't believe in God. It was kind of hard to know how to teach and what to say, but it was actually a very good lesson. He really does believe in God, but he is just bitter and confused. We could still feel the spirit really strongly and it was really cool to see him feel it too even though he wouldn't admit it.
This is my last couple days!!! It is going to be bitter sweet. I am reeeeeally excited to go to the mission field and to teach real investigators, cause as much as I like teaching my teachers as fake investigators, and it is still really cool and I have learned a lot, it is going to be way better to teach real people. I am excited to eat real food again. As much as I like eating the same thing over and over again, it will be nice not to feel like crap after every meal :) (oh my gosh! one of the elders in my district found a 4 inch dead grasshopper in his salad the other day! it was soooo gross!!) And I am excited to go to California and have awesome weather every day! But it will be sad to leave at the same time. I have made some really good friends here and it will be hard to leave them. It stinks cause not a single one of them are going to my mission so I won't even get to see them at mission conferences or anything. But it's ok cause I'd way rather go to California and make even more friends!

This weekend is General Conference and I am sooooooooooo stoked! Dad I can't wait to hear your song, Did You Think to Pray, in the Saturday afternoon session! This weekend is going to be the perfect ending to my experience at the MTC. I get to spend 2 days feasting on the words of Christ, and spending time with my district.

Oh I forgot to tell you, they split my mission in half! They literally took my mission, cut it in half, and made two missions out of it-the new Irvine mission and my mission. So now it is even smaller! It goes from Oceanside (most north) to Del Mar (most south) to Temecula (most inland). It is not very big. I talked to someone who's brother just got back from there the other day and he said that even though he was called spanish he only served in one spanish area. So there is a chance I won't speak a ton of spanish, but that is ok. I was actually kind of frustrated about it when he told me at first, but the Lord has a plan for me and if it isn't to be in spanish areas then that's ok. And someone (I don't remember who) promised our class that if you want to learn the language, have an honest desire to, and work your hardest, then you will learn it. So if i really want to learn spanish, which I do, I will.

Also, I didn't explain Doctrine, Principle, Application very well last week. Pretty much it just means to study the WHY (doctrine) of everything in the church. Why do we need an Atonement, why did we need the fall, why do we live the word of wisdom, etc. And now just on the surface, but really studying deeply the 'whys' of the gospel. The gospel makes so much more sense once you really start to understand it.

I saw Hunter Woods' car today!!!!!!! We were on our way back from the temple and Elder Barbosa in my district, (he is friends with Hunter) was like "Hermana Johnson come here!" He was standing pointing at Hunter's car in the temple parking lot just smiling. It was the greatest moment ever. I could see Tom's (their cat) paw prints all over the car and I could see TraceCe's makeup in the front seat. We wrote them a note and waited there for a couple minutes just in the hope that they would come back and we'd see them. But it never happened. It was still fun to see it though. That's the car I drove all semester last year! :)

Well next time I write to you I will be in California. WAHOO!! I hope everyone is doing super well and that they had an awesome Easter! I hope you are as excited for General Conference as me! :D

Les Amo Mucho!
Hermana Marci Johnson

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