Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Already P-Day!!

HOLA! This week flew by. All of sudden it was Sunday again, and then all of a sudden it was Thursday. The days just kind of mix together, probably cause we do the same thing every day. :) No but this week has been really good. We got a new teacher this week and he actually served a mission with Braden Stohlton! He was our very first investigator, and then he became our teacher! It was kind of intimidating at first actually, mostly because he is a really intimidating guy. The first lesson with him no one talked. It was kind of awkward, I felt like I was the only one who would say anything because I was sick of the silence. But I absolutely love him now! He is SUCH a good teacher. He is super direct and just tells you what's up, which is scary sometimes, but he is awesome. He just barely got off his mission like 6 weeks ago so he always has tons of stories for us. But the thing that he has taught me the most this week is the importance of studying, and studying the right way. I think it was Elder Holland who said something like this: You tell me how you spent the hours of 6:30-10:00 in the morning, and I will tell you how your day will go, how your week will go, how your transfer will go, how your mission will go, and how your life will go. That really stuck to me. Even though I've heard it before, I didn't realize how much you study on your mission, and how important it was. You really need to learn to love it and learn how to do it effectively. After a couple lessons with Hermano Avila I really started studying better and it has been awesome!! I love it! It's nice because if I want to be a good missionary than all I have to do is be the best studier I can be and that is something I can control.
Another awesome thing I learned this week was about Doctrines, Principles, and Applications. The Doctrine of something is why you need it or why it is important. The Principle is what it is. And the Application is how you do it. We have been studying this in depth for every topic that is in Preach my Gospel. (well not every topic yet) But through studying this and using this method to teach, it makes your lessons and your understanding of the gospel so much better! It's awesome.
I love the spirit that is here. I had a really cool experience this week where our district leader was supposed to give us a talk on baptism and was looking on for a talk to help him out when he felt really strongly like he should change the topic and go with this other talk. Then in the lesson I felt super impressed to tell the story about how I gave those Book of Mormons to my team. At the end of the lesson one of the Hermanas was crying and told us this huge story about her brother and how this lesson hit her really hard that she need to give him a Book of Mormon with her testimony in it. It was so cool. The spirit was so strong and there was just such a unity in the room. I love the spirit and the power that it has! It's awesome being here because you can feel it all the time!
The MTC has been great. I am learning a ton everyday, and my spanish is improving all the time. It is crazy how fast you can grow in so little time. I have only been here for 2 weeks and I know WAY more spanish than I did when I came in. Oh yeah, funny story. So one of the Elders in my District was teaching a lesson and during it he said this: "Yo se que Jesucristo pegado por sus pescados." Which means, "I know that Jesus Christ punched for your fishes." HAHA! What he meant to say was, "Yo se que Jesucristo pagado por sus pecados." Which means, "I know that Jesus Christ payed for your sins."  Haha, stuff like that happens all the time.
Pues, Hasta Luego! Les amo much!
Hermana Johnson

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